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    29 Things That’ll Help You Be A Better Adult In 2020

    Get your life together just in time for the new decade.

    1. A pair of bamboo charcoal shoe deodorizers so you can stop throwing out shoes that became too stinky to wear.

    2. A clothes folder to help you fold laundry into perfectly neat stacks, the kind that would make Marie Kondo proud. It can be adjusted to accommodate thicker pieces like sweaters.

    3. A produce pod that'll make your groceries last a lot longer so you'll actually have a chance to eat those fruits and veggies before they perish.

    4. An annoying, but effective app that'll force you to get up and take a photo of a designated place in your home in order to turn off the alarm.

    5. A time-marked water bottle for keeping track of how much water you drink throughout the day. It also has a handy built-in straw and carrying loop.

    6. A pack of vacuum storage bags that will prevent your off-season clothing from taking over the entire closet. Think of all the space you'll save!

    7. A magnetic meal-planning pad to stick on the fridge so you'll stop ordering so much takeout.

    8. A makeup-removing microfibre cloth for wiping your face off before bed, if you're too tired for a full skincare routine. It'll get rid of all the products with just a bit of water.

    9. A stunning reusable cutlery set so you can leave disposable plastic ones back in 2019. It's an easy way to be a bit more eco-friendly in your daily life.

    10. A mini emergency kit to carry in your bag at all times, just in case something happens (and usually something does).

    11. A pair of scrub brushes that have your back no matter how stuck-on or deeply-embedded the grime at hand happens to be.

    12. A to-do list that doubles as a mouse pad. (Pssst. In the "Never, Ever Do" section, you should put "send out an email without checking if the whole office is CC'ed.")

    13. A day-of-the-week pill organizer so you never forget to take your medication and supplements on time.

    14. A pet hair–removing roller that'll actually get rid of the layer of fur covering...well, pretty much everything in sight. You love your furry friend, but it would be nice to see the original color of the couch again!

    15. A set of greeting cards to always keep on hand for special occasions. You never know when you might need to write a thank you, get well soon, or birthday card.

    16. An eyeliner stamp so getting matching wings isn't such a drawn-out ordeal. It'll shave at least fifteen minutes off your morning routine.

    17. A pack of washing-machine tablets to dissolve and wash away any odour-causing residue in your front-loader so you clothes stop coming out smelling less than clean.

    18. A roller stamp for protecting yourself against identity theft — black out sensitive info on letters, receipts, and documents before throwing them in the trash.

    19. The Martha Manual — a book on how to do *almost* everything so you can learn some new and useful life skills. You'll learn how to transport a decorated cake, how to sew a tote bag, how to bathe a cat, and more!

    20. A white noise sound machine to help you tune out any disturbances (like your loud, nocturnal neighbours) and get better sleep.

    21. A cold brew maker so you can save a few bucks on your morning coffee. Those Starbucks runs add up!

    22. A super effective natural stain remover for anyone who's tired of wearing/throwing away stained clothes. With this on hand, no one will ever know how clumsy you are.

    23. A handheld steamer to for transforming a shirt from a balled-up-mess to interview-ready in five minutes. It'll also banish odor-causing bacteria.

    24. A pack of leak-proof food storage containers that are perfect for meal-prepping and packing a lunch. Oh, and did we mention that they are totally leakproof?

    25. And a clever cookbook that'll show you how to prepare meals for the entire week starting with base dishes made over the weekend.

    26. A pair of rubber massage balls for tackling your muscle knots, if you're not down to drop $$$$ on a spa sesh.

    27. A set of TableTopics cards so you can host a proper dinner party without worrying about the conversation running dry.

    28. A set of mesh laundry bags so your delicates won't get torn up in the wash. Think of the money you'll save on underwear!

    29. A pack of makeup brush cleaning wipes that'll make washing your makeup brushes and sponges so much easier. They'll get rid of leftover product, oil, and bacteria without leaving behind a residue!

    Cheers to a more amazing you in 2020!

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