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25 Ridiculously Cool Things Every College Student Needs

*throws money at computer*

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This hangover sippy cup that will keep you hydrated when your body refuses to get out of bed.


Price: $13

2. This laundry hamper shaped like a Chinese takeout box that will perfectly match your fridge aesthetic.


Price: $24.99

3. This doughnut-warming coffee mug that will make those early mornings at the library slightly less terrible.

Price: $14.95

4. This set of colorful pencils that will help you out when you've got a grammar brain fart.


Price: $8.63

5. This adorable messenger bag that will make every book nerd on campus explode with jealousy.


The bag comes with a removable shoulder strap and can comfortably fit a 15-inch Macbook.

Price: $49.99

6. These ping-pong paddle notebooks that will have you training like a champ in your dorm room.

Price: $14.99

7. This powerful mini projector for when you're sick and tired of watching Netflix on a small laptop screen.


Price: $48.99

8. This pizza reheating tray that will make sure you never eat a soggy slice again.


The tray also has two silicone handles so you won't burn your fingers taking it out of the microwave.

Price: $12.75

9. This wireless bed-shaking alarm clock that is perfect for anyone who is terrified of sleeping through an exam.


The clock also has three alert lights that flash when your alarm goes off.

Price: $44.99

10. This pen utensil set that's a must have for the scholarly and starving multitasker.


Price: $8.53

11. These antimicrobial sandals that will protect you from all the germs lurking in those shared showers.


These flops have a drainage hole design, antimicrobial layers, and a slip resistant sole.

Price: $18.73 - $31.89

*Price depends on size.

12. This freezable beer pong rack that will keep your beer cold and your cups in ~formation~.


Price: $24.62

13. These adorable tabletop vacuums that will prevent your desk from looking like pig sty.

Price: $14.99

14. This groovy stress ball that will help you manage those my-head-is-going-to-explode moments.


Price: $4.42

15. This coffee bean ice cube tray that will keep your ice coffee cold without diluting it.

Price: $8

16. This insulated travel mug that has a French press built right inside of it.


It comes with a spill-resistant lid and a built-in plunger!

Price: $16.82

17. These adorable s'more-shaped plush heated slippers that will keep your feet nice and toasty.


The slippers are heated when attached through a USB cable.

Price: $34.99

18. This powerful duo of plant-based sprays that will transform that shirt that's been on the floor for two days into a wrinkle-free garment.


Just spray, hand-smooth, and hang.

Price: $16.95

19. These keychain Sriracha bottles that’ll make meal plan food edible.


They are refillable and are shipped empty so grab your bottle and get filling!

Price: $17

20. And this Sriracha cookbook that will inspire you to make something other than ramen for once in your life.


Price: $16.99

There's also a vegan Sriracha cookbook available on Amazon for $15.75!

21. This stylish retractable charging cable that won't get completely tangled in your backpack.

The cable is compatible with Apple devices and measures 2.5 feet when fully extended.

Price: $16.99

22. This basketball net garbage bin that will have you practicing three pointers on a daily basis.

23. These delightful book pillows that are perfect for library power naps... or just naps in general.

Get them in Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, or Treasure Island.

Price: $24.99

24. This enomorous pop-up bed tent that will help you activate your ~hibernation~ mode.

Available in several sizes and colors here.

Price: $129

25. And FINALLY, this sweary eye mask that will get the point across to your chatty roommate once and for all.


Price: $10.99

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