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    13 Of The Most Unforgettable Makeovers From "The Oprah Show"

    YOU get a makeover! YOU get a makeover! EVERYBODY GETS A MAKEOVERRRRRR!

    1. The guy with the bleached goatee, baggy overalls, and tattered cowboy hat.

    Before: Scruffy farmboy. After: Hunky cowboy.

    2. The mother who was obsessed with her hair extensions and fake eyelashes, but wanted to be "a better role model" for her kids.


    Before: Makeup overload. Now: Natural look.

    3. The rock 'n' roll couple who hadn't cut their hair for over a decade.

    Drumroll, please. Here comes the husband!

    Before: Outdated heavy metal. After: Romcom cuteness.

    4. The woman who wore her hair in a bun for over 25 years and would apply make up BEFORE going to bed.

    And the crowd goes wild!

    Before: Harsh hairspray. After: Healthy-looking hair.

    5. The grunge rocker who was obsessed with his soul patch and snakeskin leather jacket.


    Before: Greasy rocker. After: Stunning smile.

    6. The woman who had the same hairstyle for 37 years and was terrified of getting it wet.


    Before: Classic beehive. After: Fresh cut and color.

    7. The caveman boyfriend who refused to cut his beard and would only wear white T-shirts.


    Before: Biblical and beardy. After: A well-groomed glow-up.

    Now, let's press REWIND and check out some of Oprah's most unforgettable (but well-intentioned) makeovers from the '80s.

    Ready? Let's go!

    8. Swivel that chair!

    9. Work it, Toni!

    10. Mood.

    11. Double trouble!

    12. Strut your stuff!

    13. The '80s weren't kind to anyone but you're doing amazing, sweetie.

    Bless you Oprah, for you are the fairy godmother of makeovers.