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13 Of The Best-Selling Parenting Products On Amazon Canada

Freezing food trays, stylish bibs, and a frog-shaped toy organizer!

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Amazon has a section called best-sellers, which is basically a list of products that Canadians can't stop buying. And this week, the section is packed full of awesome parenting products!

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from the baby section this week:

1. This froggy bath toy organizer that can scoop up all the toys and mounts right onto the wall.

Price: $19.97

Promising review: "This frog is the best. It attached to the wall quite nicely. It has never wiggled and holds quite a few toys. I love that it's removable so we can scoop everything up and give it a rinse."– Amanda S.


2. This sleek baby wipes case that's perfect for the parent who is always on the go.

Also available in red.

Price: $11.99

Promising review: "Five stars! It has a spring inside it to push the wipes up so that's a nice part that most wipe cases don't have. I like the handle on it too. It's so easy to put on your diaper bag or on your stroller."– Abe

5. This comfortable and safe baby wrap made from environmentally-friendly material.


Price: $39.99

Promising review: "This baby sling is wonderful. My little granddaughter is just a few months old. I don't like taking her for a walk in a stroller. I prefer having her super close to me so I can cuddle the bundle of joy. It also came with a handy carrying bag that you can put it back into when it is not in use."– Sweetlaur


6. This silicon freezing tray that will make storing homemade baby food super easy.

Available in three colours.

Price: $19.95

Promising review: "This has been a great tool for making bulk frozen baby food. Everything I've pureed (from meat to veggies to fruit and rice) has frozen nicely in this container and has been easy to pop out and put into Ziploc bags to store. I actually purchased a second one because it was easier when making bulk amounts of puree."– Iheartamazon

7. This super cute bath spout cover that will kid-proof your bathtub.


Price: $17.95

Promising review: "My wife says 'Ahh, watch her head!' about 100% less since we put this on for our daughter. It fit on in five seconds snug and covers every dangerous corner. My daughter is fascinated by water spewing from whales mouth now!"– simon

8. This 14-piece grooming kit that's packed with tons of useful baby grooming tools.


The set includes a nasal aspirator, an infant gum massager, a digital thermometer, a medicine spoon, a medicine dropper, a comb, a brush, fingernail clippers, and more!

Price: $17.99

Promising review: "It has everything you need from first aid to grooming! I would recommend this product to every mommy out there. It's so useful and everything is so durable."– Sara

9. This floating barnyard toy set that's an inexpensive way to add some more fun to bathtime.

The set comes with four animals that can squirt water and make sounds!

Price: $6.77

Promising review: "These are super cute, easy to clean, and they hold up well. They're made with soft plastic so kids can squeeze them and feel the air blow in their face. Just the air blowing alone does the trick and gets a lot of smiles and giggles!"– M


10. This machine-washable kick mat that will keep dirt and mud off your car seats for good.

Price: $7.99

Promising review: "Definitely worth the money. It's very easy to install with snaps instead of velcro, and the reinforcing bar at the bottom means the little ones can't slip their feet under and get the seat dirty."– oliver

11. These vibrant milestone blocks that will help date all those Instagram photos.


Price: $19.95

Promising review:
"I love these blocks. They're perfect for taking pictures with for my infant. And they're pretty sturdy while still hollow and lightweight."– Amy

12. This lightweight travel bag that will keep your stroller clean from airport germs.

It can even fold up into its own carrying case!

Price: $15.95

Promising review: "This bag kept our brand new stroller in pristine condition. The bag itself was banged up and marked a bit, but it did its job in protecting our stroller and keeping it clean while flying!"– ProductJunkieCA

13. And finally, this fun and plush activity mat that will make you baby feel like they're on Cloud Nine.


It comes with musical sheep, a light-up star, a cloud squeaker, a bird rattle and baby-safe sunshine mirror.

Price: $93.49

Promising review: "I LOVE the colour palette of this mat. Since a lot of our toys have become permanent fixtures in the living room, it has been important to me that we have at least SOME neutral and soothing colours so it's not a hot mess of primary colours on everything. This play mat is so luxurious and soft. I love the attachable/detachable toys."– Lea Lynch

Note: Prices are in Canadian dollars. Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.