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Here Are 18 Quizzes To Take While Waiting For "Stranger Things" Season 5

Friends (and quizzes) don't lie!

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of fun trivia and personality quizzes about Stranger Things — in one place for your convenience.

1. Everyone Is A Combination Of Three Stranger Things Characters — Who Are You?

2. Which New Stranger Things Character Matches Your Personality?

Eddie talking; Argyle looking serious

3. If You Don't Get 10/10 On This Stranger Things Trivia Quiz, Then You Don't Deserve To Watch Season 4

A question with the answer circled; Robin

4. Dress Like It's the '80s, and We'll Reveal Which Stranger Things Character You're Most Like

a guy with a mullet; the words, "choose a pair of shoes"

5. Everyone's a Combo of Two Stranger Things Characters — Here's Yours

A closeup of Mike; a closeup of Eleven

6. This “Yes or No” Quiz Will Determine Who Your Stranger Things Best Friend Is

A closeup of Max; the question, "Do you consider yourself an extrovert?"

7. Recast the Kids From Stranger Things as Adults and We'll Reveal What '80s Movie You Should Watch

Mike looking shocked; Adam Driver wearing a tux

8. Let's Find Out Which Stranger Things Character You Are Deep Down

Joyce looking down; Mike looking smug

9. Your '80s Music Playlist Will Determine If You Belong With Steve or Jonathan From Stranger Things

Jonathan looking off to the side; Steve looking amused

10. Which Hawkins High School Clique Do You Belong In?

A school gym with a teacher talking to the kids

11. Are You on the Dark Side or Good Side of Stranger Things?

Eleven with blood on her gown; the question "If the Demogorgon was approaching, what would you do?"

12. These Seven Questions Will Reveal if You Belong With Steve, Jonathan, or Billy

Billy; Steve; Jonathan

13. We Can Guess Your Crush's Name Based on the Stranger Things Characters You Pick

Lucas with the letters A, J, and S; Max with the letters B, R, and M

14. I Bet You Can't Identify 11/16 of These Stranger Things Characters

Jim Hopper; his face blurred out

15. If You Pass This Stranger Things General Knowledge Quiz Then You're a True Fan

Question "What is Hopper's first name?" with an answer circled; Robin smiling

16. We'll Reveal Which Stranger Things Teen You Are Based on The 7-Eleven Snacks You Choose

Nancy looking concerned; a 7-Eleven store

17. 75% of Stranger Things Fans Can't Actually Identify the Characters on This Image — Can You?

A grid of character pictures; Hopper

18. Design Your Dream Home and We'll Give You a Stranger Things Character to Live There With

a house; a closeup of Dustin