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Can You Remember The "Stickin' Around" Theme Song?

Real mature, Bradley!

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  1. YTV
    Space Station
  2. YTV
    What you see
    Hard to believe
    Running free
    So crazy
  3. YTV
    And open all the doors
    From shore to shore
    And ignore your chores
    Like you've never seen before
  4. YTV
    Oh come on
    Not cool
    Real mature
    Don't be silly
  5. Fool around
    Clown around
    Jump around
    Stomp the ground
  6. YTV
    What we feel
    A big deal
    Can be surreal
    Hard to conceal
  7. YTV
    People and places
    Games and friends
    Mountains and rivers
    Sights and sounds
  8. YTV
    Play around
    Sing it loud
    Scream it loud
    Dance around

Can You Remember The "Stickin' Around" Theme Song?

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