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19 Dogs Who Are Like “So You Gonna Finish All That, Or…”

*heavy breathing intensifies* From r/animalslookingatfood.

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1. This persistent pug who really wants a lil' nibble:

Dauss / Via

2. And this sneaky pupper who's keeping their eyes on the cheesy, cheesy prize:

corkboy / Via

3. This stubborn sniffer who always wants what they can't have:

lornstar7 / Via

4. And this hungry hound who can't believe their puppy dog eyes:

ReadOutOfContext / Via

5. This devious duo who are pretty certain that cracker was destined for them:

WeekendWerewolf / Via

6. And this tenacious trio who wants to remind you that sharing is caring:

HalfMan-HalfDog / Via

7. This brunch buddy who promises not to chew on your shoes if you let him chew on your breakfast:

nahchocheez / Via

8. And this mesmerized floof who honestly feels so betrayed right now:

bexpat / Via

9. This floppy pupper who believes their patience will pay off soon:

Milliardo989 / Via

10. And this smiley dude who is turning on the charm:

CopperHook / Via

11. This determined doggo who thinks if they look at it long enough, you'll change your mind:

CarmineFields / Via

12. And this cute canine who really isn't that subtle about it:

JMua / Via

13. This fascinated fluff who can't believe he wasn't invited to the taco fiesta:

czechica / Via

14. And this big-eyed pupper who's really more of a burrito guy:

chaychers / Via

15. This keen cutie who can't believe you made their favourite:

ninjaciego / Via

16. And these two troublemakers who are trying to play it cool:

sgntpepper03 / Via

17. This focused fella who is secretly trying to use telekinesis to inch that cracker closer:

super_cheeky / Via

18. This fluffy watchdog who is praying you drop it on the floor:

LMBpunk / Via

19. And finally, this lucky lad who can't wait to taste victory:

BENGCakez / Via
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