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These Rings Have Tiny Forests Inside Of Them And Just Take My Money Already

So magical. So miniature.

Nope, your eyes aren't fooling you. There is a teeny tiny forest inside of that ring! And it's pretty damn magical ✨.

These miniature forest rings are created by Vancouver-based company Secret Wood. According to the brand, they use jewelry resin and wood to turn microscopic natural worlds into wearable art.

Each ring is unique. And they're totally breathtaking. Like this windy winter scene complete with swirls of blue and white ink:

And this one that uses real flowers to add a touch of whimsy:

There’s a different world inside of each ring. And the best part: They’re inspired by the natural beauty of Canada’s great outdoors.

They have scenes ranging from this bright and colourful underwater landscape...

To this dark and delicate Arctic forest.

Each ring can take anywhere from two to five weeks to craft.

And they range in price from ~$90.00 to $180.00 USD.

*incoherent high-pitched squealing at how cute AND beautiful AND real they look*