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    16 Shocking Photos That Show The Difference Between Smokers And Non-Smokers

    "This is what 10 years of heavy smoking did to my grandma’s carpet."

    1. "The ceiling of the Da Nang Airport in Vietnam. Here's the tiles of smoking section vs. the non-smoking section."

    Different-colored ceiling tiles

    2. "A non-smoker's remote vs. a smoker's remote."

    Two different-colored remotes

    3. "Smoker vs. non-smoker window blinds."

    Different-colored window blinds

    4. "Cleaning a chandelier from a smoker’s home. I already cleaned the bottom part so you can see the difference."

    A chandelier mid-cleaning

    5. "Two glasses from a smoker's house. I washed one of them."

    A clean vs. dirty glass

    6. "Friendly air filter replacement reminder. Here's what a smoker's air filter looks like after only one month."

    A dirty vs clean air filter

    7. "The same trees and same pots, except one has cigarette butts as mulch."

    A planter with cigarette butts

    8. "I work in the service industry and wear a glove whenever I go on a smoke break to stop my hands from smelling."

    a clean vs. dirty glove

    9. "This poor outlet."

    a dirty wall outlet

    10. "My friend is a car detailer and wet-vacuumed the roof of a customer's car who was a smoker."

    a dirty car ceiling

    11. "My tenant would smoke inside. Here's what the top of her kitchen cabinets looked like when I took them down."

    dirty cabinets

    12. "This is what 10 years of heavy smoking did to my grandma’s carpet."

    A very dirty carpet

    13. "The difference between a keyboard that was used for years and a brand new one."

    a clean vs. dirty keyboard

    14. "Cleaned the seat belts of my grandpa's car. Definitely worth it."

    before and after a seatbelt was cleaned

    15. "A smoker's PC. The fan was originally white, and the whole thing is covered in dust and tar. It smells awful."

    a dirty computer

    And finally...

    16. "Here's what cigarette smoke does to a wall over time."

    Stains on a wall

    If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, you can call SAMHSA’s National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) and find more resources here.