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This "She's A 10, But" Quiz Will Calculate YOUR Dating Score

"She's a 10, but it's not official, because she hasn't taken this quiz yet."

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If you've been scrolling through Twitter or TikTok in the past couple days, there's a high probability that you've stumbled upon the "she's a 10, but" trend. It started off as a trend on TikTok, where people would pose a hypothetical scenario in which someone's a "10," buuut they have a weird or controversial quality that could potentially lower their rating.

she’s a 10 but she’s only attracted to fictional men

Twitter: @6add3stSc0rpi0

So we've made a handy quiz that'll calculate YOUR rating. Note: You can also use this quiz to calculate someone else's rating (like a potential boyfriend, BFF, or whoever). Just keep them in mind while answering the questions below.

Your score will automatically be set to 10. Then, depending on which answers you click, points will be either ADDED or SUBTRACTED. When you're done, we'll reveal the your score. Ready? Let's begin!

What are some of your dating "icks" that might lower someone's score? Comment below!