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17 Slightly Terrible Things Only People Named Sarah Understand


1. From the moment you were born, you realized that there were two types of people in this world.

2. "With," "An," and "H" are the three most commonly-used words in your vocabulary.

3. But it still blows your mind how some people manage to completely fuck it up.

4. Your name might as well be legally changed to include the initial of your last name because that's what all your teachers will call you for the rest of your life.

5. And you're almost guaranteed to run into someone with the exact same name as you at some point in your life.

6. Because there's millions of us. Seriously. If all of the Sarahs and Michaels bonded together, we could probably take over North America.

7. You suffered severe whiplash in school from turning around every time someone said your name.

8. And then ​immediate embarrassment settled in when you realized they were calling for a different Sarah.

9. You've become instant "friends" with other people named Sarah... whether you wanted to or not.

10. But then when you're genuinely friends with another Sarah, people feel compelled to point it out.

11. Group chats can be even more frustrating.

12. And not only is there the whole Sara vs. Sarah rivalry, you feel strangely competitive with even those who have the exact spelling of your name.

13. But it's not all bad. There are some benefits that come with being a ~Sarah~. Like it's pretty cool to brag that your name means "Princess" in Hebrew:

14. And you have absolute confidence walking into any souvenir store because you will always find your name.

15. It's super satisfying to look at how the "S" and "H" line up perfectly.

16. Plus, your name has always looked pretty in cursive.

17. But even with all the perks, you still haven't recovered from that one time someone actually asked you: What's Sarah short for?