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    15 Dogs Who Are The Captain Now

    Caution: Ruff waters ahead.

    1. This adorable pup who takes navigating new waters very seriously:

    @NoWise10 / Via Twitter: @NoWise10

    2. And this tiny doggo who can't even reach the steering wheel:

    @kenny_harvey / Via Twitter: @kenny_harvey

    3. This hardcore pup who doesn't give a flying fluff about speed limits:

    @MaKaylah_57 / Via Twitter: @MaKaylah_57

    4. And this perfect pupper who loves nothing more than feeling the breeze on its beard:

    @SpoiledHorses / Via Twitter: @SpoiledHorses

    5. This soft-looking sailor who is sick and tired of your backseat driving:

    @fliceverett / Via Twitter: @fliceverett

    6. And this little skipper who doesn't want to rock the boat:

    @EdieWein / Via Twitter: @EdieWein

    7. This baby doggo who refuses to be intimidated by a little wind:

    @skoutshonorpet / Via Twitter: @skoutshonorpet

    8. And this proud hound who knows that you need to dress for the job you want:

    @b_margiotta / Via Twitter: @b_margiotta

    9. This worried pup who is getting a little nervous about those rain clouds:

    10. And this confident canine who knows this ship can weather any storm:

    @tkralovensky / Via Twitter: @tkralovensky

    11. This scruffy gal who believes safety and style are equally important:

    @mdeweese24 / Via Twitter: @mdeweese24

    12. And this furry friend who loves sailing more than treats:

    @mikaela_hartman / Via Twitter: @mikaela_hartman

    13. This enthusiastic pug who thinks you'll make the perfect first mate:


    14. This good boy who is just happy to go along for the ride:

    @AlexKHarris / Via Twitter: @AlexKHarris

    15. And lastly, this sleepy duo who are tuckered out after a day on the open water:

    πŸ’— *boops nose* πŸ’—

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