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    People Are Sharing Subtle Signs Someone Isn't A Good Person And The Alarm Bells Are Going Off On Full-Blast

    "I've learned that when someone is claiming to be really 'direct,' 'blunt,' or 'honest,' it is often a self-justification for being controlling and rude."

    Reddit user PsychologicalPop8776 recently asked, "What is a subtle sign someone isn’t a good person?" and the answers are unexpected and eye-opening.

    1. "Passive aggressively insulting you in front of a group of people in such a way that you can’t say anything back without looking like you’re the emotional one, even though you know that they intentionally insulted you to disrespect you."

    someone looking hurt saying that's not cool

    2. "Not owning up to their mistakes and always attributing it to someone or something else."


    "A famous line when caught doing something wrong 'well, I didn't know' instead of 'I'm sorry.'"


    3. "They try too hard to prove they’re a good person."

    close up of a guy smiling

    4. "They share private information about others with you."

    character saying, gossip is the devils phone, best to hang up

    5. "Littering. It's not a violent act or anything, but it does indicate a lack of respect that usually carries into other aspects of the person's life."


    6. "They always talk about themselves, but will suddenly stop listening when you start to talk about yourself."

    7. "They believe that respect is earned, but demand it immediately from you."


    8. "Regular putdowns that are disguised as 'jokes.'"

    someone smiling and then making an angry face

    9. "They won't help other people unless it directly benefits them."


    "Exactly. They'll only help others when there’s an audience and praise involved."


    10. "How they treat people in the service industry. When they act like they are better than waiters, fast food employees, or retail workers."

    server approaching a man at a table

    11. "People who don’t return their grocery cart."


    12. "They love to constantly say 'with all due respect' right before they disrespect someone."

    person in shock

    13. "They see someone else's progress or success as a threat."


    14. "I've learned that when someone is claiming to be really 'direct,' 'blunt,' or 'honest,' it is often a self-justification for being controlling and rude."

    person shrugging

    15. "Watch closely how they treat the weakest members of society including defenseless animals, the unhoused, and those in low service positions."


    16. "Casual and unnecessary lying."

    something thinking and then finally saying, that's bullshit

    17. "Someone who is incapable of reflecting. They are the centre of their own universe."


    18. "They demand forgiveness instead of asking for it. Basically saying stuff like 'I said I was sorry, it's done now. Get over it.'"

    someone saying, he's a jerk

    19. "They make rude comments about other people in public. It could even just be a stranger walking past them."


    20. "When you think they are really great people, responsible/kind/good, but then after a while, you look back on situations and realize you had been duped and they are incredibly manipulative. I think it's incredibly subtle with some people, where it's not immediately obvious they are terrible but then suddenly it hits you."

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    And finally...

    21. "They have no lifelong friends."

    someone making a face like, yikes I told you so

    What's a subtle sign that means someone isn't a good person? Comment below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.