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    17 Reasons Chihuahuas Are The Worst Dog Breed Ever

    Little monsters!

    1. Their smiles are the scariest thing you could ever see.

    Tumblr / mothgane / Via

    2. They're too vicious to cuddle with.

    Reddit / ShelbyGrace111 / Via

    3. You can't trust them to be gentle, even with a piece of watermelon.

    Tumblr / liliandkenken / Via

    4. They really aren't that cute as puppies.

    Tumblr / ThePandaGuitar / Via

    5. And they just become uglier with age.

    Reddit / surfin_sonie / Via

    6. They're always grumpy.

    @flying_fur / Via Twitter: @flying_fur

    7. They have ZERO capacity for love.

    Reddit / chowderfly / Via

    8. They absolutely HATE going on car rides.

    Reddit / zwiebelxfee / Via

    9. And just the sight of them strikes terror within other animal species.

    Tumblr / devilstrip / Via

    10. Their bugged-out eyes aren’t cute at all.

    Reddit / Rfedobuns / Via

    11. And their ears are totally ridiculous.

    Reddit / apazjoker / Via

    12. They never calm down, not even for a minute.

    Reddit / chanellelois / Via

    13. And never want to go on fun outdoor adventures.

    Tumblr / amay2 / Via

    14. They can't stand bellyrubs.

    Reddit / lifesakrust / Via

    15. And walks? No thank you!

    Reddit / Molten Lava Pup / Via

    16. In conclusion, chihuahuas are yappy, annoying dogs who are always hyper.

    Reddit / Via

    17. And they have zero chill. I mean, who would ever want one?

    Reddit / TinaTinyTunafish / Via

    Ready to add a furry friend to your family? There are lots of chihuahuas (especially seniors) looking for loving homes on Petfinder or Adopt a Pet! ❤️🐶


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