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    15 Real-Life Achievements For Canadians

    It's the little victories that matter the most.

    1. When you get a pleasant surprise after your phone bill arrives:

    2. When you're excited about spending the summer outside instead of on your couch:

    3. When you achieve what few Canadians ever have:

    4. When you embrace the weird weather in your area:

    5. When you find a needle in a haystack:

    6. When you come out on top:

    7. When you make your elementary school teacher proud:

    8. When you can grab a snack while staying stylish:

    9. When the online shopping gods are on your side:

    10. When you learn from your past mistakes:

    11. When you save the day:

    12. When you stay cool under pressure:

    13. When you live to talk about it:

    14. When you take things in stride:

    15. And when you accomplish something painfully dreadful: