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    Mar. 22, 2017

    21 Random Objects Every Canadian Classroom Used To Have


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    1. Stacks on stacks of cahiers.

    Value Valet / Via

    2. Scholastic fair flyers that you cherished, took home and then used to beg your parents for money.

    @MrsWallaceNL / Via Twitter: @MrsWallaceNL

    3. Some UNICEF donation boxes from Halloween.

    @smrmartin16 / Via Twitter: @smrmartin16

    4. Half-finished worksheets where students gave up trying to colour in Nunavut.

    @seltotexo / Via Twitter: @seltotexo

    5. Napkins left over from “Pizza Day”.

    Bev Currie / Flickr Creative Commons

    6. A TV on a wheely cart with a VHS tape packed with Heritage Moments.
    Historica Canada

    7. Hokey inspiration posters.

    @OpiyoOloya / Via Twitter: @OpiyoOloya

    8. Duotangs.

    @TrinkaPsellas / Via Twitter: @TrinkaPsellas

    9. Boots lined up outside classrooms.

    @Hilt_Martin / Via Twitter: @Hilt_Martin

    Or maybe you had an entire ~boot room~ that was so full of gravel that it looked like a sand pit.

    10. The entire "DR. AND MRS. VANDERTRAMP" permanently written on a blackboard.

    @alison_loraine / Via Twitter: @alison_loraine

    11. An old floppy disk of The Oregon Trail that was lowkey so morbid.

    Gameloft / Via

    R.I.P Jennifer.

    12. And an ancient PC computer with Math Circus on it.

    Greygum Software

    And probably a scratched up Roch Voisine CD in it.

    13. Vibrant bristol board and those 3-panel projects on something that's RIDICULOUSLY Canadian.


    14. Approximately 27 single mittens who lost their partners.

    Steven Depolo / Flickr Creative Commons

    15. Posters for the Terry Fox Run.

    @mrccheney / Via Twitter: @mrccheney

    16. A Canadian flag (obviously).

    @KidrauhlStadium / Via Twitter: @KidrauhlStadium

    17. Busted sports equipment that you never got to use because recess consisted of scuffling around in the snow, trying to stay warm.

    @conchitaa14 / Via Twitter: @conchitaa14

    18. Some unused French-English dictionaries tucked away in a shelf.

    @MmeGirouard / Via Twitter: @MmeGirouard

    19. A pile of soaking wet snow pants.

    @amycoyote / Via Twitter: @amycoyote

    Worst part was putting them back on at the end of the day.

    20. Globes and atlases that STILL included the Soviet Union.

    Shopify / Via

    21. And finally, that one carved up desk that was mutilated beyond repair.


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