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    17 Products That Are Somehow Both Practical And Exciting

    Practical doesn't have to mean boring.

    1. A pack of Sugru, a mouldable glue that sets overnight into silicone rubber.

    2. A sleek backpack *with a charging port* so you can keep your devices full of juice while on the go. It's also waterproof and will keep alllll your electronics and papers dry, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

    3. A Milky Piggy carbonated bubble clay mask — not to ~burst your bubble~, but your other masks are boring in comparison. Milky Piggy lifts dirt and oil out of pores and detoxes using green tea, pomegranate, and charcoal powder extract. You'll be left with taut, clean skin, and some excellent selfies.

    4. A pair of bedsheet suspenders for keeping your fitted sheets taut no matter how much you toss and turn. And there's the bonus laugh after you dress up your mattress to cosplay as an old man.

    5. A set of two miniature spatulas that'll help you use up each and every drop of primer, foundation, and other products.

    6. A set of sushi socks that o*fish*ally put an end to the notion that socks are a snooze-fest.

    7. A Kindle Paperwhite with twice the storage of previous models — and it's...ummmm...WATERPROOF! Pencil "Kindle and a bath bomb" into your planner every night until the end of time.

    8. An eyeliner stamp to make fast work of the perfect cat eye. Liner newbies and seasoned professionals can agree that this makes the process of throwing on a quick wing much easier.

    9. A bidet that will get your booty cleaner than you ever imagined it could be. It's more efficient and eco-friendly than using wads of paper. And a mini butt shower every time you poop? Literally the dream.

    10. A 3-in-1 avocado slicer for making the best food even better. Avoid infomercial-esque knife mishaps and simplify your avocado prep by switching to this tool for halving, pit removal, and slicing.

    11. An Amazon Echo Dot so you have a little robot assistant to help you with your schedule, tell you the weather, play music, and *so* much more! Life is just more zesty with a technological sidekick.

    12. A leakproof Yeti Rambler that'll keep your drink as cool as you are (i.e. VERY cool). And it's a snap to clean up when you're done with it!

    13. A wakeup-light alarm clock, because waking up to an aggressive *BeEeEeP* is literally the worst thing in the world. This alarm clock begins to softly glow, mimicking the rising sun, and if that isn't enough to get your lazy bones out of bed, it also makes peaceful noises to get you up and at 'em.

    14. A golden set of measuring cups and spoons, because measuring precisely for baking is a snore, but doing so with gorgeous, glimmering utensils? A joy to behold.

    15. A rain showerhead that'll make your morning shower feel like a five-star experience every dang time. Surprise! You don't need to be on an HGTV show to get one of these; you can simply order it online.

    16. A Rocketbook, which is a reusable notebook can transports your handwritten notes directly to your phone/laptop. Plus, if you run out of space, you can erase everything by putting in the microwave.

    17. The Bug Bite Thing, a suction tool, that'll let you extract at least some of the pesky venom that makes the bite itch, so even if the bite doesn't go away completely, you don't feel such an urge to scratch.

    You, rightfully defending all the items in your shopping cart right now.