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    19 Reasons Why Pit Bull Puppies Are The Most Dangerous Creatures On Earth

    Furrocious beasts.

    1. *shuffles papers and touches ear bud* THIS JUST IN: Pit bull puppos are some of the cutest creatures on the entire planet.

    @hbower99 / Via Twitter: @hbower99

    2. But we have just learned that they are NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

    @sabina_weber / Via

    3. At first sight, they appear to look like harmless little dewdrops.

    @twentyonecomic / Via Twitter: @twentyonecomic

    4. But the truth must be known: They are a threat to society.

    Aneuka / Via

    5. Their beautiful eyes and heart-shaped noses are trying to distract you from that fact that they are DANGEROUS.

    sicknickmondo / Via

    6. Just look at this fella viciously attacking this small leaf!!!

    @rhhhirhhhi / Via Twitter: @rhhhirhhhi

    7. GRAB YOUR PURSE. This golden gal is violently chomping down on a watermelon slice!

    @felithepitbull / Via

    8. And you've seriously got to be OUT OF YOUR MIND if you even consider putting your fingers near their dangerous lil' mouths.

    @HeatherBuntin2 / Via Twitter: @HeatherBuntin2

    9. Don't let this tiny bean fool you! He might be smaller than your slipper but he's ferocious.

    DillNyeTheHighGuy / Via

    10. Take a look at this con artist who is trying to win you over with his sweet smile!

    Imgur / Via

    11. And this pupperino who is obviously waiting for the perfect time to strike.

    ilovenyjets / Via

    12. What about this fuzzy mastermind? They've clearly disguised themselves as a cow to trick you.

    HalPal_ / Via

    13. And this fluffer has perfectly camouflaged themselves into the scenery.

    deftoner42 / Via

    14. This nugget has picked out an accessory that perfectly matches his eyes just to appeal to YOUR EMOTIONS.

    @the_wasabidog / Via

    15. And this grumpy goof is clearly trying to hypnotize you with that stare.

    Grey_Machines / Via

    16. *CLUTCHES PEARLS* You might be wondering: What could be more threatening than one pit bull pupper? The answer: A PACK OF THEM.

    Chris Young / Via Flickr: mrvjtod

    17. Whatever you do, never look directly at a pit bull puppy smile.

    @looney_luna_the_pit / Via

    18. And don't look into those beautiful blue eyes. It's like staring right into the sun... It's like...dangerously cute. Wait. It's happening. Oh no. Not the eyes!

    EZcheezy / Via

    19. WELL HELLO! WHAT A GOOD BOY. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

    Unicorn_Farts87 / Via

    Are you ready to add a fluffy friend to your family? You can find plenty of pit bull doggos (especially adults!) on Petfinder or Adopt a Pet.

    ChuckNorris381 / Via

    And don't forget to check out your local shelters and rescues, too!

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