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25 Things That Are Too Real For Anyone Who's Worked In A Bakery

*Tries to wash a spoon, drowns*

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1. When checking on the croissants is like unleashing the fiery gates of hell:

@lightningstrucktwice / Via

2. When you're cleaning up at the end of the day and this happens:

@StuartTricker / Via Twitter: @StuartTricker

3. And when your coworker has a death wish:

@bpennino / Via

4. When you accidentally put the mixer on high but you're too sleepy to give a fuck:

@melimelromero / Via

5. When someone tries to place a last-minute order:

@marvettas_marvels / Via

6. And when they have no idea what the hell they're ordering:

@melissas_cakes / Via

7. When you've taken on too much and haven't seen sunlight in days:

@caseybakery11 / Via

8. When you finally finish a big order:

@marysheavenlycreations / Via

9. When your manager expects your workspace to look perfect:

@littledoebakery / Via

10. When you try your best, but don't succeed:

@zetasigma163 / Via

11. When your version of partying looks like this:

@bakesale_ / Via

12. Because weekends are a thing of the past:

@marvettas_marvels / Paramount Pictures / Via

13. When customers are broke AF but want to be fancy AF:

@jemas_sweetsandtreats / Nickelodeon / Via

14. When they keep asking for discounts and you die a little more inside:

@sweetscapescatering / Lions Gate Films / Via

15. And when they go somewhere else and you see what they ended up with:

@nayscakery / Via

16. When finally get a taste of freedom:

@ribbncakes / 20th Century Fox / Via

17. When you need to train someone new and they do shit like this:

@stonedreamerspastry / Via

18. When you don't want to hurt your Aunt Brenda's feelings:

@latoyanicolecreations / FX / Via

19. When you actually get to work on time:

@lightningstrucktwice / Via

20. When the heat from the ovens start making you feel loopy:

@brownsugarlr / Via

21. When the summer suddenly makes everything worse:

@_pastrypanda_ / Discovery Channel / Via

22. And when autumn isn't any better:

@mrsmaryanneharris / HBO / Via

23. When you try something ~new~ and now remember why you would just never try at anything:

@sofiedee / Via

24. When you're actually proud of your work and immediately need to share it with the world:

@_batterup_ / Via

25. And when that backfires:

@Brandon7261 / Via Twitter: @Brandon7261

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