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    I Guarantee That These 31 Photos Will Make You Question If You Have Pareidolia

    "The garage door is staring at me..."

    When I was a kid, I would see faces, animals, shapes, and patterns in everyday objects that other people didn't pick up on. I've only learned recently that this has an actual name: pareidolia. It's the tendency to perceive a meaningful image in a random pattern. It's sort of similar to those Rorschach inkblot tests you've probably seen.

    In an effort to learn more, I stumbled upon the r/pareidolia subreddit. Here are some of the most interesting images I found:

    1. "Happy water buffalo at the dentist."

    the overhead light machine looks like the face of a buffalo

    2. "I'm so happy for them."

    bride and groom water tanks

    3. "My fuel cap casts the shadow of Batman."

    4. "Two bearded men."

    the reflection from two turtles looks like two bearded men

    5. "😬😬😬."

    two window ac units and barred long window on a house makes it look like a grinning face

    6. "This can of paint looks like a cat."

    7. "This little guy in my sheet music."

    smily face found within music notes

    8. "Pigeon poops portrait of itself on a leaf."

    the poop looks like a painting of a pigeon left on a leaf

    9. "Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

    kid swing looks like ninja turtle face

    10. "Scary woman in the pile of laundry."

    looks like there's a scary hunched over woman in a pile of clothes

    11. "This lil' squirt of lotion looks like a tiny cat."

    12. "It’s the avoidant eye contact for me 😏."

    dispenser in a bathroom looks like it has a pair of eyes looking to the right

    13. "Now that's an air guitar."

    cloud shaped like a guitar hanging above electric lines to make it seem like those are the strings

    14. "These binoculars look like someone I know..."

    15. "The trees in the Pokémon game look like angry men flexing their muscles. I can't unsee it now."

    large tree looks like muscled man flexing

    16. "Free him."

    pastry in a container looks like a dog's face

    17. "Dead plant I found in my grandma’s backyard."

    looks like tiny skulls with wide open mouths

    18. "A grandma caterpillar putting on lipstick."

    large cylinder tank looks like it has two huge eyes and an open mouth with a smaller pipe putting on lipstick

    19. "Anyone else see aliens?"

    cutouts in a shoe look like alien eyes

    20. "Virtual reality."

    outlets on a power surge look like eyes looking over at the one plug being used

    21. "Umm...Let me think..."

    large tree bark looks like it's a person in thought

    22. "Joyful onion lady."

    half cut onion looks like there's a smiling face at the center

    23. "This shadow of a plant looks like a child on a swing."

    24. "The garage door is staring at me."

    shadow casted on the garage door looks like the portrait of a face

    25. "The rings on this tree create a clover."

    26. "Pulled the door handle off and he was as shocked as I was."

    when the handle is pulled off it looks like a face in shock

    27. "Kissing your car crash."

    dent in the car looks like two people kissing

    28. "This truck buckle looks like a frog riding a motorcycle."

    29. "[insert dolphin sounds]"

    open backpack looks like the face of a dolphin

    30. "Scary shirt"

    sleeves on a group of shirt looks like an angry face

    And finally...

    31. "Hello from this little hippo."

    clip on a bus handle looks like a hippo face