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    16 Reasons Why Cat-Sitting Is Way Better Than Babysitting

    All the cat perks with barely any of the responsibilities.

    1. Cats can't tell their parents they witnessed you eating everything in their fridge.

    @geesalt_ / Via Twitter: @geesalt_

    2. Which means they also can't say “You’re not my mom,” when you tell them to do something.

    @coupeaubol / Via Twitter: @coupeaubol

    3. It’s definitely not annoying when they want to sleep beside you.

    @gIowchiId / Via Twitter: @gIowchiId

    4. And you essentially become a cat owner without any of the long-term responsibilies!

    @galiamango / Via Twitter: @galiamango

    *paw five*

    5. Plus, cats don't have homework that you have to help them with.

    But they're really good at sitting on yours.

    6. And they don't scream when their parents leave.

    @pumpthevolume / Via Twitter: @pumpthevolume

    7. You don't need to worry about catching whatever's been going around their kindergarten class.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    8. And updating their parents on their well-being isn't really a chore.

    @alauraisamazing / Via Twitter: @alauraisamazing

    9. More kittens = more cuddles.

    @sarahgraleyart / Via Twitter: @sarahgraleyart

    10. And you can leave them alone for the whole day and not worry about them getting into the craft supplies.

    @PoppyCatsLV / Via Twitter: @PoppyCatsLV

    Well, maybe.

    11. And they never battle you when it comes to feeding.

    lilred181 / Via

    12. There usually isn't a long list of detailed instructions.

    @karlacxmedina / Via Twitter: @karlacxmedina

    13. Emptying the litterbox can be daunting sometimes, but guess what? No diapers!


    That's got to count for something, right?

    14. And baths are not necessary.

    @meganleetz / Via Twitter: @meganleetz

    15. You two can also stay up late because kitties don't have bedtimes.

    @ComradeOtto / Via Twitter: @ComradeOtto

    But whatever you do, don't interrupt their favourite late-night show.

    16. And finally, perhaps the biggest perk of cat-sitting, you get to look at those adorable 💗 fluffy paws!!! 💗

    @bourgeoisiebtch / Via Twitter: @bourgeoisiebtch

    *high-pitched squealing*

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