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    Someone Found A Giant Dick-Shaped Icicle And It's Cool As Balls

    NSFW because of icicle dicks or whatever.

    A construction manager working on a job site near Regina, Saskatchewan made a shocking discovery on Monday. They came across a giant icicle in the shape of a – wait for it – penis.

    Courtesy of mihyita

    The, uh, ‘item’ is estimated to be approximately 12 inches long. (But we all know how people like to exaggerate.)

    The construction manager's co-worker, a mechanical engineer, then posted it to Reddit​ and it was instantly upvoted to the top of Reddit/r/pics. She asked to only be identified by her Reddit username, "mihyita."

    Users quickly began to have their own fun with it, so basically, photoshopping it into Frozen.


    “Some notable names are dickcicle and cockcicle,” mihyita told BuzzFeed Canada.


    Their boss instructed them to put it in the freezer "to preserve it."

    "Since I work at a construction site with a lot of guys, they went ahead and put the icicle on their crotches,” she said.


    “I howled laughing, like the rest of the staff."

    Long live, Dickcicle!