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    23 Dangerously Adorable Things For Anyone Who Loves Sharks

    Dangerously adorable.

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    1. This killer backpack.

    2. These dazzling hammerhead pins.

    3. This embossed birch rolling pin.

    4. This terrifyingly adorable enamel pin.

    5. These majestic manicure stickers.

    6. This mug for anyone who has a serious sweet tooth.

    7. This cold-blooded cuddle buddy.

    8. This toothy notebook made from recycled paper.

    9. This bold shark fin decal.

    10. These dangerously colourful socks.

    11. This fruity laptop sleeve.

    12. This transparent phone case.

    13. These cute and hungry earrings.

    14. This faded baseball hat.

    15. This bright blue wall clock.

    16. This ferocious embroidered patch.

    17. This graphic black and white travel mug.

    18. This tiger shark tote.

    19. This delicate shark tooth necklace.

    20. This smiley silicon tea infuser.

    21. This beautiful watercolour print.

    22. This aggressively-cute oven mitt.

    23. And lastly, this stunning sterling silver hammerhead ring.

    *Prices are in CAD.