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    "They'll Never Replace Humans": People Are Sharing The Jobs Machines Will Never Take Over, And It's Pretty Eye-Opening

    "Funeral director. It's just something that a machine can't do."

    I don't know about you, but every single time I use the self checkout at my local grocery store, I end up having to get help from a real-life, human employee anyway. I've either scanned something incorrectly, scanned something too quickly (how is that possible?), or didn't enter how many reusable bags I brought with me.

    TBH, it's awkward. I just feel like there are some jobs and professions that humans are better at. Then, I found Reddit user Box_Man_In_A_Box's recent question and thread, "What's one job that robots/machines can't take from humans?" and it looks like a lot of people feel the same way. Here are the top-voted responses:

    1. "Therapists and psychologists. I've tried a few of those AI-programmed therapies and chatbots. They just can't do the job. They have way too many pre-written responses. You just get this artificial sense that it isn't right."

    2. "Professional athlete. While the novelty of a robot NFL would be interesting, I doubt it will replace the NFL."


    "I hate all those articles about robots making entertainment obsolete. Do we not watch weight lifting anymore because forklifts are stronger? Is chess no longer interesting because computers play it better?"


    3. "Hairdressing. I'm going to be REALLY impressed to see a robot doing every haircut and people letting a machine come near them with scissors."

    4. "Nurses. There's just too much emotional labor involved, and that's something no robot can do."


    "As someone who was a chronically ill child, the basic human emotions of which I got from my nurses, the comfort that brought, just cannot be replaced."


    5. "Elementary school teacher. I can see upper grades getting replaced (or at least heavily augmented) by machines since those ages can be a little more independent, but nothing short of Star Trek-level androids will probably ever replace K-8."

    6. "Crochet. Apparently machines can knit and do simple patterns, but actually crocheting a moderately difficult pattern is impossible."


    7. "Casino dealers. No one would trust machines."

    8. "Anything in the manual repair trades. Things like plumbers, carpenters, and electricians. I'm not talking about brand new construction here. But, historic or existing structures that are super complex."


    9. "Daycare worker and early childcare. You’ve really gotta connect with babies and toddlers in a way that I don’t think a machine could do. Those first few years of life are so important and easily influenced, it’s gotta be done by other humans."

    10. "Funeral director. My uncle owns a funeral home. I help him out with certain things and I learned that this job isn't just business, it's about helping people and their families be at peace."

    And finally...

    11. "Clicking on badly rendered pictures of boats, buses, or stop signs."

    Did we miss any? Comment below!

    Note: Some submissions were edited for length and/or clarity.