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17 Crazy Delicious Foods From The CNE That’ll Make You Hungry


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1. The Canadian National Exhibition is back in action. And it’s brought a bunch of delicious food items with it, such as this mouthwatering churro ice cream cone.

Instagram: @rjwtang

2. This spectacular sushi burrito.

Instagram: @gloriadang

3. This ooey-gooey rainbow grilled cheese.

4. This dazzling Thanksgiving waffle.

Instagram: @privait

5. These frosted and fruity doughnuts.

Instagram: @foodinthecityto

6. This hot-dog-inside-of-a-pickle-inside-of-a-corndog masterpiece.

Instagram: @daniellejaypea

7. These golden nuggets of deep-fried cake batter.

Instagram: @yoonaling

8. This sweet and salty churro cheeseburger.

Instagram: @ectoronto

9. And this ramen burger that's a little ~extra~.

Instagram: @feedthebearblog

10. This glorious sundae on a stick.

Instagram: @edeerich

12. These decadent fried raviolis.

Instagram: @yyzsuey

13. These deep-fried Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Instagram: @dentfit

14. This cinnamon bun covered with candied bacon and pulled pork.

Instagram: @myfitnhealthylifestyle

15. This heavenly waffle ice cream sandwich.

Instagram: @cnadinew

16. This enormous Yorkshire pudding.

Instagram: @edeerich

17. And finally, these over-the-top milkshakes.

Instagram: @selfxplanatori

Bless you, Canadian National Exhibition. 😍

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