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    If You're Obsessed With "House Of The Dragon," You'll Want To Take These 5 Quizzes Immediately

    Welcome, lords and fair ladies. Let's get down to quiz-ness!

    ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of fun trivia and personality quizzes about House of the Dragon — in one place for your convenience.

    1. Which House of the Dragon Character Are You?

    Screenshot from BuzzFeed quiz

    2. Choose Between a House of the Dragon Character and Their Game Of Thrones Counterpart (Yes, It's Absolutely Vile)

    Side-by-side of "House of the Dragon characters"

    3. How Popular Are Your House of the Dragon Opinions?

    Screenshots from "House of the Dragon"

    4. No Matter Your House, You Must Fend For Yourself in This House of the Dragon Survival Simulation

    "Die or survive"

    And finally...

    5. Which Game of Thrones Universe House Do You Belong in?

    Screenshots from BuzzFeed quiz and "House of the Dragon"

    The season finale of House of the Dragon will premiere on October 23 on HBO Max. What are your predictions? Comment below!