Hotel Cleaners Are Sharing The Weirdest Things They've Seen, And I Knew It Was Going To Be Bad, But Not THIS Bad

    "Poop stains on the lampshade. Not sure how they got there. I just spun the lamp around so the stains faced the wall."

    Reddit user u/ThatSportsGameGuy recently asked, "Hotel cleaners, what is the weirdest thing you have found in a person's room?" and the answers are terrifying, hilarious, and eye-opening.

    Here are the top-voted responses:

    1. "A pile of human skin, on the floor beside the bed. It was like sunburned skin peelings or something. Truly disgusting."

    A maid screaming

    2. "I found bees, like literal insects, and bee poop covering every single spot in the place. The guy was a beekeeper and was delivering a hive. He brought it into the room, where the hive tipped over and broke. It took days of scrubbing with some harsh chemicals to get the poop off. We even had to repaint the walls."


    3. "I worked at a mountain ski resort the first year it opened. There was a big snowfall in mid-November, and suddenly, we were fully booked for the Thanksgiving weekend. Management didn't hire any extra cleaning staff, so it took us almost the rest of the next week to work our way through all the rooms and suites. You would not believe how many people had left half-eaten turkey carcasses, not in the refrigerator, or in the trash, but just sitting out on the counter. The smell permeated the rooms, the carpets, the drapes. It was just appalling..."

    A man with spray cleaner

    4. "A toilet completely filled with chewing tobacco, so much it was clogged."


    "I found one clogged with a slab of raw ground beef."


    5. "A hole cut in a mattress because the 'platinum level' guest shit the bed drunk and then used a butter knife to cut it out. He then flipped over the mattress so we wouldn't notice."

    Michelle Obama saying, "Ewwwwwww...."

    6. "Poop stains on the lampshade. I just spun it around so the stains faced the wall."


    7. "I was working with another cleaner when we found a butt plug in a pullout couch. The poor girl I was working with picked it up cause it looked like a Ring Pop 🤣😭😭."

    Chloe Grace Moretz looking shocked

    8. "I used to work on housekeeping at a children's theme park/hotel. I remember going into a room, and it STANK. I searched around and finally found the source. It was three dirty diapers floating in a bathtub, which was disgusting, but unfortunately, not completely abnormal. The weird part was the large piece of fried fish tucked up in the double bed, most likely from the local fish and chip shop. It looked like a total murder scene because the fish was covered in ketchup and had French fries arranged around it. It looked like some sort of satanic ritual to summon the devil. It was a pain in the arse to clean up, but it was definitely a funny memory."


    9. "I worked as a hotel cleaner for one day. I found a trashcan literally overflowing with used condoms. I quit after my shift ended and never came back."

    "Excuse me, I quit."

    10. "We had a guy stay in the hotel who was in town for a competitive eating contest. When he checked out, we found that shit all over the bed. Like ALL over. He must have wiped his ass with the sheets. We were forced to just throw everything away."


    And finally...

    11. "Long, long ago, I worked at a nice beachfront hotel. I had a nice family on my floor. A middle aged couple, their college-aged sons, and two of their son's friends. They had different friends stop by frequently, but they were quiet, and there were no complaints. They were there for two weeks, never wanted anything from housekeeping, and did not let me in to clean the room because 'someone is always sleeping in here.' So, they would leave their sheets and towels outside the door; I would replace them with a clean stack and some soaps, and they would take care of everything."

    "At the end of their stay, I finally get to go in and do the heavy cleaning. They were so low-maintenance I was expecting a quick in-and-out. The nightmare I stumbled upon was so epic in its proportions that my brain short-circuited, and I just stood frozen in the doorway until another guest happened by and asked if I was okay. He glanced into the room and was also dumbstruck."

    "The room was covered, every surface, every inch of carpet, every ledge and nook, every millimeter of free space, with beer cans. HUNDREDS of them, neatly ranked in rows, less than an inch apart. And every beer can was filled to the brim with liquid. Not beer, but urine. In order to collect so much, they had to be saving their piss this way for their entire stay, and all their friends' piss, too. Everyone had to be in on it. And two-week-old piss sitting in open beer cans does not smell like fresh-baked cookies."

    A woman making a grossed-out face

    Now, it's your turn! If you're a home cleaner or hotel cleaner, what's the wildest thing you've seen? Comment below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.