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26 Vines That Could Only Have Been Made In Canada

An entire nation summarized in 6 seconds.

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1. The "I'm Polite But Not When It Comes To My Timbits" Vine.

2. The "I'm Single Because Of Icy Sidewalks" Vine.

3. The "And You Thought LA Traffic Was Bad" Vine.

4. The "Yes Officer?" Vine.

5. The "Shoppers Drug Mart Has Everything" Vine.

6. The "I'm Sorry That You're Sorry About Being Sorry" Vine.

7. The "I'm On A Diet But I'm Also Patriotic" Vine.

8. The "Just Going For A Relaxing Drive" Vine.

9. The "It's Not As Easy As It Looks" Vine.

10. The "It's Finally Spring!" Vine.

11. The "Canadian Stand-Off" Vine.

12. The "Winter Just Styled My Beard" Vine.

13. The "Getting Hyped For Dinner" Vine.

14. The "Frostbite Is A Myth" Vine.

15. The "Little Girl Calling Out The Ref" Vine.

16. The "Who Needs A Razor, Anyways?" Vine.

17. The "Canadians Attempt To Be Badass" Vine.

18. The "Canadians Succeed At Being Badass" Vine.

19. The "13 Coffees Later, I Finally Won" Vine.

20. The "Frozen Is Really About Living In Canada" Vine.

21. The "Dreams Really Do Come True" Vine.

22. The "Our Money Is Hilariously Indestructable" Vine.

23. The "Bringing A Non-Canadian To Tim Hortons" Vine.

24. The "Don't Mess With A Canada Goose" Vine.

25. The "Can I Have A Couple Friends Over To Watch The Game?" Vine.

26. And the "Every Canadian Will Cry While Watching This" Vine.