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    17 Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts For Moms Who Are Always Cold

    Gifts for the chillest moms.

    1. This mug that's perfect for her favourite tea blend.

    2. This sleek personal space heater that looks like a retro fireplace.

    3. This thermal mug that tells it like it is.

    4. This cushy and warming foot massager that will heat her right up.

    5. This enormous chunky knit blanket that all your family members will be fighting over.

    6. This cozy sweater that will make her feel like one proud momma.

    7. These fluffy Bluetooth earmuff headphones that don't mess with cords or the cold.

    8. These wool heart-shaped hand warmers that will show her how much you care.

    9. Or maybe these rechargeable French macaron-shaped ones are more her style.

    10. This bamboo bath tray that even has a special spot for a wine glass.

    11. This charming raccoon cover that will take her hot water bottle to the next level.

    12. This heated lotion dispenser that will take the nightmare out of moisturizing.

    13. These knitted slippers that will keep the chill away.

    14. This cute little USB starfish mug warmer that will keep her desk super cozy.

    15. These comfy socks that will keep any wine lover's toes toasty.

    16. A soft circle scarf that shows off a quote from one of her favourite books.

    17. And this s'mores warming pillow just because it's so gosh dang adorable.