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    13 Gifts Canadians Are Buying On Amazon This Week

    Portable printers, sushi card games, and enormous chocolate treats!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    Amazon has a list of products called Most Gifted, which curates gifts that are currently ~trending~ in Canada. It's basically all the products that Canadians buy as gifts most often.


    Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from the section this week:

    1. This hardcover copy of the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them screenplay for your most magical friend.


    It's also available in a Kindle version.

    Price: $17.89

    Promising review: "It was absolutely amazing! I sat down with it and didn't look up until I was finished. Great idea for Christmas gifts!"– Amazon Customer

    2. These beautiful rain boots for anyone who isn't afraid of a little rain.


    Not a flower person? These boots are available in 41 different patterns including an incredible dog print!

    Price: $49.99 – $143.45. Depends on size.

    Promising review: "These are gorgeous boots. I get lots of compliments on them! I love the stripe up the back."– Dee

    3. This ~chilled out~ tea infuser that will do all the work for your tea-obsessed coworker.


    Price: $1.99

    Promising review: "This is perfect for when you only want to make one cup of tea. Fill his pants with loose leaves and let him relax on the edge of your mug. The tea is very well steeped."– Glenn Simon Inc

    4. And this sleek coffee pod storage drawer for anyone who is strictly #TeamCoffee.


    Not into the red? It's available in eight different colours and designs.

    Price: $21.99

    Promising review: "It hides all the cups out of sight and it's a good sturdy holder. But most importantly, it looks good under the Keurig."– K.Dixon

    5. This powerful mobile printer for the adventurous photography who wants to print on the go.


    Send photos straight from your phone to the printer, without dealing with ink cartridges. The printer uses special photo paper that reacts with heat to create an image. It's also available in four different colours!

    Price: $176.99

    Promising review: "This printer is a lot fun in a fairly small package! I have always been into photography and am definitely a gadget guy, so I am thoroughly in love with this little printer! It's awesome to print photos outside."– C. Hill

    6. This Burt's Bees beauty kit that makes for the perfect stocking stuffer.


    The kit includes soap bark, chamomile deep cleansing cream, hand salve, milk and honey body lotion, a beeswax lip balm and a coconut foot cream.

    Price: $14.97

    Promising review: "Love this item! The lip balm and cleanser are amazing. Good price for this set."– pardonmyfreedom

    7. This light-up BB-8 alarm clock for the person who loves Star Wars and sleep in equal measure.

    Price: $30.81

    Promising review: "This alarm clock is awesome! I am so obsessed with BB-8 and when I received it in the mail, it made me smile. Plus, when you press on its head, it lights up!"– Dawny

    8. This vibrant skateboard cruiser that will have them tearing up the pavement.


    Want to customize yours? You can pick from seven different coloured wheels.

    Price: $43.99

    Promising review: "I use it for getting around campus and it's been great!"– Isaac Eng

    9. This mushroom-shaped hair catcher for anyone who doesn't like dealing with ~gross~ stuff.

    It fits any standard shower bathtub drain with a snug fit.

    Price: $19.99

    Promising review:
    "Best invention ever! It is well worth the price, and works exactly as described. This is one product I will recommend to family and friends. I am so happy that I no longer have to get the hair out of my drain with a piece of wire."– christine b.

    10. This adorable sushi-themed card game for people who have a competitive spirit.


    Price: $19

    Promising review: "It's a great game! I work at an after school program with kids and they go NUTS over this game. It's great for adults too. It's basic enough to learn on the fly, but enough strategy required that it will take you a while to get really good."– Amazon Customer

    11. This high-tech cookie press for the family member who absolutely loves baking Christmas cookies.


    The product comes with a recipe book and 16 shape options so you can make whatever form of cookie you want!

    Price: $35.91

    Promising review: "It works like a charm! I love that it came with many dies to create any shape I wanted. But most important is that it is not heavy for the hands. I'm so happy I bought it!"– Patricia Dion Pageau

    12. These heavy-duty daypacks for anyone who believes practicality can be stylish.

    This pack come in a whopping 41 colours and styles.

    Price: Depends on style selected.

    Promising review: "It's gorgeous and the size is perfect."– Amazon Customer

    And finally, this hockey puck-sized Reese peanut butter cup for anyone with a post-tournament appetite.


    Price: $5.38

    Promising review: "A hugely delicious chunk of peanut buttery goodness. The chocolate is thick and satisfying. So amazing! And a great price too. The whole family has throughly enjoyed this new Christmas tradition."– carin harris

    Need more gift ideas? Check out the rest of the Most Gifted section.

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