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    21 Stunning Photos Of Newfoundlands And Labradors

    Let's paws for a moment to enjoy these adorable dogs.

    1. Newfoundland and labrador dogs have got to be some of the cutest on planet Earth.

    2. I mean, look at this lab rocking their lady bug costume.

    3. These gentle furry giants just want to love you.

    4. And they wake up every single day with a smile on their face.



    5. Check out this guy who's headed out in his favourite scarf.

    6. Or this guy who decided to stay in and snuggle all Sunday.

    7. Both breeds are perfect for snuggle sessions. Just look at that furry, furry dog baby!

    8. You will have trouble disciplining them with a face like that.

    9. They differ dramatically in size, from the big dogs to...

    10. ...pint-size pups.

    11. Sometimes being a dog is hard, so naps are essential.

    12. And they happen a lot.

    13. Newfoundlands take "puppy eyes" to the next level.

    14. And labradors appreciate the little things in life.

    15. Sometimes they pose like humans and it's equally bizarre and adorable.

    16. Seriously, just try not falling in love with them.

    17. Speaking of fall, they love every single season because they are DOGS and don't hate anything.

    18. Look at this furball!

    19. And this proud puppy who snagged a stick on his way home.

    20. Treat yourself and make a friend with a dog.

    21. Or just go ahead and treat yo' self.

    Oh yeah, and that pretty province. OK bye!