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13 Struggles Only Pets Who Live In Canada Will Understand

Frozen balls. No, seriously. Frozen balls.

1. When you accidentally leave your ball outside overnight:


2. When you finally get comfortable but your human needs the net:


3. When you can't find a toque that fits properly:


4. When you can't have chocolate timbits but you know in your heart that they are the most delicious:


5. When people think you're dressed up for Christmas when really you're Jewish and just cold:


6. When all you want is to play in the box but it's full of empties:

7. When you keep forgetting to wipe your tiny paws on the carpet when you come inside:

8. And then you get in big, big trouble:


9. When your dumb human gets their hair all over your favourite blanket:

10. When all you want is some BBQ leftovers but it's the middle of winter:

Via Ae8YsgG

11. When your human wants to have a Canada Day photo shoot and you're just like, "I was napping, you monster."

12. When the game is on but you want attention:

13. And lastly, when you're just trying to defend your territory and a House Hippo comes waltzing in:

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