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    10 Easy Solutions To Problems That Annoy Canadians

    Tackling your #canadianproblems.

    1. Avoid shipping cost heartbreak by using a website called Super Filler, which helps users find enough items to be eligible for free shipping.

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    If your order is $25 or more worth of stuff from Amazon, you may qualify for free shipping. But sometimes it's hard to get up to that amount without overspending. Use the Product Filler website to search for items that will get your overall cost up to the free shipping minimum. For example, if you're buying a book that is $20, you can search the site for items that cost $6 to become eligible for free shipping.

    Note: The products must have "eligible for FREE Shipping" listed next to their price.

    2. Avoid cutting a large hole on the corner of a milk bag by using a Snippet.

    There's nothing worse than cutting a huge hole on the milk bag and completely drowning your cereal or KD in milk. A Snippet is a small tool that relieves the stress of opening packages and plastic bags, such as milk bags or packages of bacon. It also comes with a magnet so you can place it on the fridge and never struggle to find a pair of scissors again.

    3. Keep a box of baby wipes near your front door to get rid of salt on your boots before it gets a chance to stain.

    Be proactive and save your boots before they get ruined. Too late? Make some DIY salt stain remover. A water and vinegar combo works well on leather boots.

    Read more winter hacks here.

    4. Make the best of Canadian Netflix with NEnchancer, a Google Chrome plug-in that shows info from IMDB and ratings from Rotten Tomatoes when you hover over a title.

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    Trying to find something good to watch on Canadian Netflix can be like finding a needle in a haystack. NEnchancer helps you decide what to watch by providing links to movie trailers and shows you both critic and audience ratings.

    5. Get through those dark winter months with the help of a light that mimics daylight.

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    There's something really terrible about looking out the window at 4 p.m. and seeing that it's pitch black out. To help get some of that sunshine back in your life, you can purchase a light box or lamp that mimics outdoor light. This can help lift your general mood and also can be used to treat Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is a type of depression that typically occurs each year during fall and winter. Researchers believe the type of light, emitted from certain lamps or devices, can cause a chemical change in the brain that both lifts your mood and eases other symptoms of SAD.

    Light boxes and lamps typically range from around $48 to $183.

    Read more about seasonal affective disorder here.

    6. If you have an iPhone, turn off “Wi-Fi Assit” in your Settings to stop your phone from uselessly draining data.

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    The feature is called “Wi-Fi Assist" and it works by automatically switching to your cellular data if it detects an inconsistent WiFi signal. I mean, it's great to keep connected but it can eat away at your data without you knowing.

    Follow these steps to turn it off.

    7. Running out of space in the fridge? Use the snow to your advantage.

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    There's only so much stacking you can get away with before your fridge becomes a hazard whenever you open it. If it's winter and you're running out of space, put some beers or white wine in snow to keep it chilled. Just remember to drink it before the sun comes out and melts the snow.

    8. Never miss out on Optimum points again by downloading the Shoppers Drug Mart app.

    The app allows you to have your Optimum card on you at all times. You can also see how far away you are from your next reward level and if your purchase qualifies for bonus points. You can even add it to your Passbook on your iPhone.

    9. Save your garage door from dents by practicing your slapshot on organic waste bags.

    Sarah Aspler
    Sarah Aspler

    Clean up the yard and your hockey skills at the same time by using organic waste bags packed with leaves as targets. Canadian Tire sells paper waste bags that have a goalie and net graphic printed right on them. Line up three bags in your drive and go to town. It's also perfect for when your neighbour, who owns the hockey net, isn't home and you feel super ~awkward~ going to get it.

    10. Change your autocorrect settings to avoid having the urge to smash your phone every time it corrects "favourite" to "favorite."

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    If you're sick and tired of your iPhone autocorrecting from Canadian spelling to American spelling, go into your settings and make some quick changes. You can turn off autocorrect completely or try selecting a different keyboard. Or, delete the U.S. keyboard entirely and add the U.K. English one instead.

    Read more about autocorrect options and settings here.

    Do you have a quick fix to a problem that drives Canadians crazy? Sharing is caring. Write it in the comments below!

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