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    19 Weird Habits People Who Hate Their Food Touching Are Guilty Of

    *Uses a napkin as a plate*

    1. You use your least-favourite food as a barrier between sweet and savoury foods.

    @50shadesofnope / Via Twitter: @50shadesofnope

    2. And you never completely finish your plate because you refuse to eat the food that has been "contaminated":

    @bethdillonxox / Via Twitter: @bethdillonxox

    3. You put everything on a single plate and pray for the best when you're being lazy.

    @BvbMaid / Via Twitter: @BvbMaid

    4. Or you go that extra mile and put the condiments on an separate plate to ensure a peaceful dinner.

    @singsongash / Via Twitter: @singsongash

    5. You also use napkins for plates.

    @RobinCemone / Via Twitter: @RobinCemone

    6. And you feel incredibly ~blessed~ when you order food at a restaurant and it arrives on one of these plates:

    @ohsocynthia / Via Twitter: @ohsocynthia

    7. Because you're usually begging the waiter to put everything "on the side."

    @HerbFromChicago / Via Twitter: @HerbFromChicago

    8. You wish it were socially acceptable for you to use plastic kids' plates because they are so cute and functional.

    @brynbower / Via Twitter: @brynbower

    9. And you balance food on the edges of your plates when you're eating "risky" foods.

    @hollyxbirnie / Via Twitter: @hollyxbirnie

    10. Because you would much rather eat a biscuit off the table than have it touch any other food.

    @Brown_Sugar11 / Via Twitter: @Brown_Sugar11

    11. You get nervous around the holidays because whenever there are family meals, there are nightmares.

    @MsNickiBee / Via Twitter: @MsNickiBee

    12. But if you're lucky, your plate will look something like this:

    @pflanny13 / Via Twitter: @pflanny13

    13. You're the only person you know who finds airplane food to be a beautiful thing.

    @HenEvia / Via Twitter: @HenEvia

    14. And you honestly appreciate elementary school meals, as unappetizing as ​the food can be.

    @yelahelocinn / Via Twitter: @yelahelocinn

    15. Also, you believe bento boxes are fucking revolutionary.

    @TorontoYeee / Via Twitter: @TorontoYeee

    16. Sometimes you wonder if you've gone too far...

    @80AdrianGiron / Via Twitter: @80AdrianGiron

    17. ...but then you remember you just like being in control of how things mingle and mix and that's OK.

    @jessicabernier / Via Twitter: @jessicabernier

    18. Because that control gives you a sense of POWER.

    @michele_elizaa / Via Twitter: @michele_elizaa

    19. But unfortunately, that never stops your family from using your ~food quirk~ against you every chance they get:

    @djgreen00 / Via Twitter: @djgreen00