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21 Quizzes To Take While Facebook, Instagram, And WhatsApp Are Down

Because you're probably already bored of Twitter.

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of fun personality and trivia quizzes — in one place for your convenience. These quizzes are guaranteed to drive away boredom while you wait for Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp to get it together.

1. Fake Nerds Have Only Seen 20 Of These Movies, But People Who Are More Than 50% Nerd Have Seen 60

Warner Bros. / Lionsgate / BuzzFeed

Only a certain type of nerd has seen Transformers and The MummyTake the quiz here.

2. It's Officially Cozy Girl Fall And I Wanna Know If You Prefer These Fall Foods Or These Summer Foods

NBC / Getty / BuzzFeed

Pumpkin cream cold brew > iced coffee. Take the quiz here.

3. If You Get Anything Less Than A 5/7 On This Quiz, I Will Absolutely Yell At You

Getty / Netflix

This week: music news, music news, and, uh, some more music news. Take the quiz here.

4. Pick A Food For Each Of These 7 Colors And We'll Reveal Your Generation

Getty / BuzzFeed

Raise your hand if you're hungry! Take the quiz here.

5. Steve's Last Name Is "Rogers," But Do You Know The Last Names For 14 Other Marvel Characters?

Marvel Studios / BuzzFeed

Hint: One of their last name's sounds and looks just like their first. Take the quiz here.

7. Any Fantasy Nerd Worth A Lick Should Be Able To Pass This "LOTR" And "Harry Potter" Quiz

New Line Cinema / BuzzFeed

Between the long hair and the long beards, Gandalf and Dumbledore are practically interchangeable. Take the quiz here.

8. It's Time We Rate These 27 Iconic, Bad Hairdos From TV Shows And Movies

Fox / The CW / BuzzFeed

I would just like to have a quick word with the hair stylist from How to Get Away with Murder. Take the quiz here.

9. Pick Starbucks Food And Drink Items From All Over The World And We'll Guess If You're A Fire, Earth, Water, Or Air Sign

NBC / Getty / Starbucks / BuzzFeed

A red velvet Frappuccino? That's ~so~ Aries of you. ♈️ Take the quiz here.

10. If You Experience 28/41 Of These Things, You're Not "Too Sensitive" — You're An Empath

Getty / BuzzFeed

Crowded places can be overwhelming? Check. Take the quiz here.

11. Don't Freak Out When We Guess Your Exact Age Based On How You Like Your Toast

NBC / Getty / BuzzFeed

The truth is in the toast. Take the quiz here.

14. Are You Actually A Fan Of Mexican Food Or Do You Just Say That For Show? Let's Find Out

Getty / BuzzFeed

Tacos are great, but there is so much more to love. Take the quiz here.

15. If You Can Recognize Even Half Of The Movie Stars In This Famous Photo, You're Good, Like Really Good

Terry O'Neill / Iconic Images / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

Only a TRUE movie buff can do it. Take the quiz here.

16. Can You Answer 90 Questions About 90 Disney Characters?

Disney / BuzzFeed

You'll need to know Disney fashion, Disney hair, and Disney movies for this one. Take the quiz here.

17. No Offense, But I Bet You Can't Remember Who Made These "Bake Off" Creations (That Live Rent-Free In My Mind)

Channel 4 / BuzzFeed

Only ~true~ Bake Off fans will pass this test. Take the quiz here.

19. This 97-Subject School Survey Is The Most Comprehensive Career Test You'll Take

Getty /  Scholastic Corporation

This test is thorough, and that's how you know it's accurate. Take the quiz here.

20. Everyone Has A Specific Fall Aesthetic — What's Yours?

Getty / BuzzFeed

There are six kinds of people during fall, and I know exactly which one you are. 🍂 Take the quiz here.

21. I've Watched "Matilda" Over 50 Times As A Kid, But I Want To Know If You're As Big Of A Fan As Me

Sony Pictures / BuzzFeed

"I'm smart, you're dumb. I'm big, you're small. I'm right, you're wrong. And there's nothing you can do about it." Take the quiz here.