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13 Thrift Store Finds That Prove People Will Throw Away Just About Anything

"YOU GUYS. OMG. $55 for all four. I’m done. I’ve peaked."

It seems like there's been a whole lot of thrifting TikToks making their way on to my FYP lately. As someone who hates paying full price for something, I'm fascinated by their finds.

Here are some of the most impressive treasures that people have shared on the Thrift Store Hauls subreddit:

1. "Stumbled upon a $500 gold slice of pizza."

A gold slice of pizza

2. "YOU GUYS. OMG. $55 for all four. I’m done. I’ve peaked."

crock pots in a basket

3. "When people started commenting about this in my cart, I knew I had a winner. 😂"

a person holding a giant spoon

4. "I bought a bag of ornaments for $3.99, and it contained six German Kugel balls from the late 1800s."

Christmas ornaments

5. "This couch of my dreams that I tragically have no space for."

A giant green sectional couch

6. "I found a four-leaf clover in a book that's 150 years old. It's dated June 17, 1923."

a four-leaf clover in a book

7. "Found this for my 1-year-old son at the thrift for $16. I looked it up when I got home and discovered that they sell for over $300. 😳"

A kid's play table

8. "Went in to thrift today, walked out with a uranium unicorn."

uranium unicorn

9. "Finally found the missing dill to my Lenox Spice Village that I thrifted for $15! The family is reunited!!"

An assortment of houses with spices in them

10. "I was looking to buy one of these for my wife this year. They are $45 each at Target, and more on Amazon. I snagged these brand new Stanleys out of the bin right when she rolled it out for $5.99 each."

A man holding two Stanley cups

11. "Brought home my white whale today. It's a 1960s Scandinavian-style 'Magic Box' desk. I'm screaming!!!"

A magic box desk

12. "Doesn't look like much, but after years of hunting, I finally found one. A milk bottle from my family dairy that went out of business over 60 years ago."

An old milk bottle

And finally...

13. "Flat cat was $5. I had to have him."

A black cat next to a flat cat

Now, it's your turn! What's the most unexpected, expensive, or wildest thing you've found at a thrift store? Comment below!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.