If You Consider Yourself An "Average American," Show Me A Photo Of Your Fridge

    If you live in Texas and don't have Texas toast in your fridge, I'm judging you.

    If there's one thing I've learned as a Canadian from working alongside my American coworkers, it's that Americans have STRONG opinions and preferences...especially when it comes to food. And those views differ DRAMATICALLY from state to state.

    what looks like a cookie in the shape of the united states on a plate

    And if there's one thing you need to know about me, I'm a little bit nosy...

    closeup of a spy kid with spy glasses

    And I desperately want to see what people keep in their fridges and how it differs from state to state. Maybe you're from Illinois, like my friend Anna. She's a big fan of leftovers, seltzers, and ALWAYS stocks up on mayonnaise.

    Or maybe you're from New York, like my friend Sarah. She's a fan of honey mustard, oat milk, hot pickled peppers, and jarred pesto.

    Or perhaps you live in California, like my friend Audrey. She has homemade banana bread, cold brew, and coconut milk.

    Whatever you have in your fridge, I want to see it! Upload a photo of your fridge to the comments below, and don't forget to say what state you're from. Feel free to mention some specific items. I'll be using the images in a future quiz or post.

    That's all! Thanks, folks!