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    13 More Crazy Orders You Didn’t Know You Could Get At Tim Hortons

    Because these weren't enough.

    1. Go gluten-free by ordering a breakfast sandwich on TWO hashbrowns.

    @d_duhwit / Via Twitter: @d_duhwit

    2. And if you're dairy-free, some locations offer Iced Capps made with soy milk.

    @iheartkaskav / Via Twitter: @iheartkaskav

    3. If you've got a cravin' for bacon, order it as a SIDE.

    @ceilingwhale / Via Twitter: @ceilingwhale

    4. And with a bowl of bacon, your world has endless possibilities. For example, try a DIY bacon-wrapped Timbit.

    @michaeldinn / Via Twitter: @michaeldinn

    5. If you're worried about them skimping on the cream cheese, order a double cream cheese bagel.

    @AdamDeBuck / Via Twitter: @AdamDeBuck

    6. And don't be afraid to ask for a little extra on the side either.

    @tropikayla / Via Twitter: @tropikayla

    7. You can ask for HOT SAUCE (yes, seriously) and put it on anything you want.

    @adriennebrookeb / Via Twitter: @adriennebrookeb

    Note: It might not be available at all locations but IT SHOULD BE.

    8. Be nice and maybe they'll top your birthday doughnut with a mountain of whipped cream.

    @DerkachK / Via Twitter: @DerkachK

    9. Try adding a pumpkin spice flavour shot to make your Iced Capp a little more festive.

    @Syphichan / Via Twitter: @Syphichan

    Raspberry and caramel flavour shots are equally delicious.

    10. Not a fan of pumpkin? Order an Iced Capp made with chocolate milk and ask them to add a mint shot. It tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream.

    @plantbabie / Via Twitter: @plantbabie

    Note: Some flavour shots are seasonal.

    11. Want more protein? Ask for just part of a sandwich.

    @rhdrmaeexo / Via Twitter: @rhdrmaeexo

    12. If you’re on a healthier kick, you can order just egg whites — in a cup!

    @aaronbergcomedy / Via Twitter: @aaronbergcomedy

    13. Or just throw all caloric-caution to the wind and order your grilled cheese on a ~doughnut~.

    @IndraBainsLadha / Via Twitter: @IndraBainsLadha

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