Life Is Hard, So Look At These 15 Dogs Chasing Bubbles

    *bursts bubble, boops nose*

    1. Here's just a friendly reminder that 1) bubbles exist and 2) dogs are the best.

    2. And when those two things come together... magical things happen.

    3. And by magical things, we mean, PURE JOY.

    4. Because it's a scientific fact that rainbows live inside bubbles.

    5. And the only thing that could be better than a rainbow trapped inside a bubble is… a BUBBLE MACHINE MAKING RAINBOWS.

    6. Sometimes it's nice just to slow down, relax, and gaze at some bubbles.

    7. Or you know, ATTACKING them is fun too.

    8. *chomp*

    9. Wait for it.

    10. GO!!!

    11. ATTACK!

    12. Whatever you do, don't fear the bubble.

    13. Focus on the bubble. Think like the bubble.

    14. BECOME the bubble.

    15. Oh man. That was fun. Let’s celebrate with a nice bubble bath.

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