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19 DIYs Literally No One Asked For

**throws glue gun into the ocean**

1. This crocheted toilet seat that is super sanitary.

Jace Sequel‎ / Via Facebook

2. This doll furniture made entirely out of cigarette filters.

Jen Baas‎ / Via Facebook

3. Speaking of dolls, take a gander at these doll arm earrings.

Kadira Power‎ / Via Facebook

4. This bedazzling workshop that is alarmingly specific.

Mermaïd Cervantes‎ / Via Facebook

5. This one-of-a-kind bikini.

Courtney Ommen‎ / Via Facebook

6. This tasteful coin purse.

Márcio Lima‎ / Via Facebook

7. This elegant condom corsage.

Cailey Sims‎ / Via Facebook

8. This genius bra hack.

Freyja Frodadottir‎ / Via Facebook

9. This booty-inspired upholstery job.

Star D'Silva Williams‎ / Via Facebook

10. This charming AND safe car upgrade.

Shannon Lynn‎ / Via Facebook

11. This shoe hack that will transform your look from day to night.

Cassie Nunez‎ / Via Facebook

12. These patriotic and seasonal wreaths.

Gunther Schmidt‎ / Via Facebook

13. This semi-edible fidget spinner.

Gunther Schmidt‎ / Via Facebook

14. This buggy nail art.

Alex Hindley‎ / Via Facebook

15. This sleek ride, which might start a turf war.

Matthew Polishak‎ / Via Facebook

16. These crocheted condoms that are perfect for gettin' it on during the winter months.

Beth Meghan / Via Facebook

17. This fun weekend project.

Tamara Banning‎ / Via Facebook

18. This shimmering pregnancy announcement.

Courtney Aldridge‎ / Via Facebook

19. And finally, this stunning ring, because nothing says romance like A HUMAN TOOTH.

Michayla Marie‎ / Via Facebook

H/T why did you DIY that???

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