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19 DIYs Literally No One Asked For

**throws glue gun into the ocean**

1. This crocheted toilet seat that is super sanitary.

2. This doll furniture made entirely out of cigarette filters.

3. Speaking of dolls, take a gander at these doll arm earrings.

4. This bedazzling workshop that is alarmingly specific.

5. This one-of-a-kind bikini.

6. This tasteful coin purse.

7. This elegant condom corsage.

8. This genius bra hack.

9. This booty-inspired upholstery job.

10. This charming AND safe car upgrade.

11. This shoe hack that will transform your look from day to night.

12. These patriotic and seasonal wreaths.

13. This semi-edible fidget spinner.

14. This buggy nail art.

15. This sleek ride, which might start a turf war.

16. These crocheted condoms that are perfect for gettin' it on during the winter months.

17. This fun weekend project.

18. This shimmering pregnancy announcement.

19. And finally, this stunning ring, because nothing says romance like A HUMAN TOOTH.

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