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Put Your Brain To The Ultimate Test With These Six Daily Trivia Quizzes From This Week

Six quizzes. 46 questions. It's time to put your skills to the test!

Want to catch up on this week's Daily Trivia Quizzes? We've put them all here in one spot for your convenience. Ready? Let's crush these quizzes!

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

ATTENTION — THIS IS NOT A QUIZ. This is a collection of this week's Daily Trivia Quizzes for you to test your knowledge!

Daily Trivia Quiz: Shakespeare, Nuts, And Pokémon

Getty / TV Tokyo

A frangipane sounds lovely right about now, but only if you know what it is. Take the quiz here.

Daily Trivia Quiz: Wiener Schnitzel, Nintendo, And Kelly Clarkson


Sorry, but you're not allowed to phone a friend! Take the quiz here.

Daily Trivia Quiz: Lady Gaga, Astronauts, And Fetuses

Getty / UMG / Interscope

Tell me you know where the first human in space was from...Take the quiz here.

Daily Trivia Quiz: Aladdin, The Great Lakes, And Baking

Disney / Getty

It'll take extra brain power to get perfect on this one. Take the quiz here.

Daily Trivia Quiz: Earthquakes, "Star Wars," And Hummus


Let's try and remember if the Hundred Years' War actually lived up to its name. Take the quiz here.

Let's See If You Have The Smarts To Obliterate This Random Knowledge Quiz

DreamWorks / Getty

This quiz isn't proctored, so you can technically cheat on it. Take the quiz here.