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If You're Bored And Love Trivia, Here Are 25 Daily Trivia Quizzes To Keep You Busy

You can now binge them all at once!

Want to catch up on April's Daily Trivia Quizzes? We've put them all here in one spot for your convenience. Ready to put your general knowledge to the test?

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

ATTENTION — THIS IS NOT A QUIZ. This is a collection of this week's Daily Trivia Quizzes for you to test your knowledge!

1. Daily Trivia Quiz: The Mona Lisa, Starbucks, And Geometric Shapes


An octagon has ____ sides. Take the quiz here.

2. Daily Trivia Quiz: Baby Shark, Hades, And "Twilight"

Getty / Pinkfong

Look into the deep recesses of your brain for the information on USB sticks. Take the quiz here.

3. Daily Trivia Quiz: Lasagna, Scrabble, And Panic! At The Disco

Scrabble letters on the left and Brendan Urie in "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" on the right
Getty / DC2D

Let's put your brain to the test. Take the quiz here.

4. Daily Trivia Quiz: Marilyn Monroe, Broadway, And Pesto

Pesto on the left and Marilyn Monroe on the right

If you know the planets in the solar system, you're off to a good start. Take the quiz here.

5. Daily Trivia Quiz: Machu Picchu, Pizza, And Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe and the zodiac

It's time to flex those general knowledge muscles. Take the quiz here.

6. Daily Trivia Quiz: Margaritas, Chess, And Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and flags of the world
UMG / Getty

Only a specific person knows about both Catherine the Great and Jellystone Park. Take the quiz here.

7. Daily Trivia Quiz: Elton John, Hollandaise Sauce, And Mickey Mouse

Elton John and hollandaise sauce on toast

Let's wake up that brain of yours. Take the quiz here.

8. This 10-Question Random Knowledge Quiz Will Separate Brainiacs From Everyone Else

Billie Eilish and Dracula

Years and years of acquiring fun facts are about to pay off. Take the quiz here.

9. Daily Trivia Quiz: Shakespeare, Nuts, And Pokémon

Getty / TV Tokyo

A frangipane sounds lovely right about now, but only if you know what it is. Take the quiz here.

10. Daily Trivia Quiz: Wiener Schnitzel, Nintendo, And Kelly Clarkson


Sorry, but you're not allowed to phone a friend! Take the quiz here.

11. Daily Trivia Quiz: Lady Gaga, Astronauts, And Fetuses

Getty / UMG / Interscope

Tell me you know where the first human in space was from... Take the quiz here.

12. Daily Trivia Quiz: Aladdin, The Great Lakes, And Baking

Disney / Getty

It'll take extra brain power to get perfect on this one. Take the quiz here.

13. Daily Trivia Quiz: Earthquakes, "Star Wars," And Hummus


Let's try and remember if the Hundred Years' War actually lived up to its name. Take the quiz here.

14. Let's See If You Have The Smarts To Obliterate This Random Knowledge Quiz

DreamWorks / Getty

This quiz isn't proctored, so you can technically cheat on it. Take the quiz here.

15. Daily Trivia Quiz: "The Wizard Of Oz," Potassium, And The Great Barrier Reef

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and a sea turtle
MGM / Getty

Give these your best guesses! Take the quiz here.

16. Daily Trivia Quiz: Koalas, Eggs, And "Uptown Funk"

Bruno Mars in Uptown Funk and a soft-boiled egg
Getty / Columbia / Sony / RCA

If you're soft-boiled egg knowledge is up to par, you should be fine. Take the quiz here.

17. Daily Trivia Quiz: Seahorses, Jared Leto, And Italian Desserts

Jared Leto and a seahorse

Put your random general knowledge to the ultimate test. Take the quiz here.

18. Daily Trivia Quiz: Ice Cube, Sherlock Holmes, And Pasta

Ravioli and Snoop Dogg

Bleeker Street and Baker Street are both iconic, but Sherlock Holmes only lived on one. Take the quiz here.

19. Daily Trivia Quiz: Taylor Swift, The Olympics, And "The Devil Wears Prada"

Taylor Swift and bamboo

Watch out! This one will keep you on your toes. Take the quiz here.

20. Look, I Know You Think You're Smart But This General Knowledge Quiz Is The Only Way To Be Sure

Lady Gaga and Prometheus

If you know a lot about one thing, you're not going to do too well. Take the quiz here.

21. Daily Trivia Quiz: Abe Lincoln, Atoms, And Shakira

Epic Sony / Getty

Ah, yes, Shakira's hips...jump and jive, I think it is. Take the quiz here.

22. Daily Trivia Quiz: Witch Trials, Japanese Food, And Lizzo


You'll need to activate both sides of your brain to pass this one. Take the quiz here.

23. Daily Trivia Quiz: Bloody Marys, King Tut, And "Mulan"

Disney / Getty

I'm pretty sure it's the cranberry juice in a Bloody Mary that makes it red. Take the quiz here.

24. Daily Trivia Quiz: Dolly Parton, Pompeii, And "The Hunger Games"


Time to put on your thinking cap! Take the quiz here.

25. You Are Hereby Challenged To Try And Get 8/10 On This Random Trivia Quiz

Disney / Getty

It's not hard. Maybe you just don't know enough. Take the quiz here.

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