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15 Cool Products That Are Trending On Amazon Canada

This week: Pizza beach balls, collapsible pet dishes, and an avocado tree starter kit!

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Amazon has a list of products called Movers and Shakers which curates items that are ~trending~ in Canada.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from the section this week:


2. This wicked gadget that helps you grown your own avocado trees using a single pit.

It takes about three to six weeks to start seeing growth. Available in four colours.

Price: $19.95

Promising review: "I am an avocado lover who has tried, without luck, to grow a plant from a seed. This item works!!! I have had success getting a seed to sprout. I can't wait to plant."– Bella Smiles

3. This powerful and sleek charger that can juice up two devices simultaneously.


It's compatible with Andriod, Samsung, and Apple products.

Price: $11.89

Promising review: "Best car charger I've seen so far! This product comes with a nice LED display screen and has TWO charging ports. That means no more fighting!"– reviewmaster

5. This 24-pack of vibrant pencil crayons that are – wait for it – erasable!


Price: $16.30

Promising review: "These pencils are bold and beautiful. The colours are absolutely amazing and they make illustrations look 100 times better. I purchased these for my daughter who absolutely loves to draw and color. The pencils don't disappoint. They really do erase with ease. Love them!"– Heidi White


6. This non-stick baguette baking pan that will produce uniform loaves over and over.

Price: $11.99

Promising review: "The baguettes my boyfriend bakes are coming out with a crispier crust all around the bread now that he has something better than a cookie sheet to bake them on! He is very pleased with the gift (and so is my stomach)."– GoodmorningMoon

7. This travel organizer for jewelry that seriously that has a compartment for everything.

Also available in pink.

Price: $22.99

Promising review: "I’m a little obsessed with this jewelry bag because it is just so much better than the other ones I've had. There's room for everything!"– D Maiero

8. This set of collapsible bowls that will keep your doggo hydrated and happy.

Price: $10.99

Promising review: "They fold up flat as a pancake and they expand into a bowl that will hold about 1.5 cups of food or water! Those long walks can make a dog thirsty and this is a great way to keep your pet hydrated!"– bellaboo


10. These cut-resistant gloves that will work wonders for the accident-prone.

Available in sizes small, medium, and large.

Price: $12.99

Promising review: "Over the years, my wife and I have both experienced our fair share of kitchen accidents. Whether it was a mandolin slicer or a rock solid five-day-old bagel, the end results were not fun. These cut resistant gloves are perfect!"– Dustin B.

13. This set of nesting measuring cups that will replace your broken plastic ones for good.


Price: $28.99

Promising review: "I previously owned plastic measuring cups which kept breaking. These cups, on the other hand, are made with stainless steel! These have a smooth and shiny finish and a small spout for easy pouring."– ishrat


14. This carbonated clay mask that will bubble up and cleanse out your pores.


Price: $12.97

Promising review: "It's funny and fun to use. It foams up on your face as it settles and gives you a tickling feeling. Leaves my face feeling clean and a bit brighter."– Cindy

Note: Prices are in Canadian dollars. Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.