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15 Awesome Products Canadians Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

This week: Bagel slicers, cactus erasers, and emoji pancakes!

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Amazon has a list of products called Movers and Shakers, which curates items that are ~trending~ in Canada.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from the section this week:

1. This spiral-bound workbook that'll teach you how to become a hand lettering expert.

Promising review: "I love that it's a workbook style instead of heavy on definitions and information! There is just enough to teach you the basic terminology and give you an understanding, and then it's all about practice, practice, practice! Having the chance to trace out the letters and then give them a go really helps to get a sense of how to form everything, and I found it super helpful to learn this way. I'm by no means an expert but with a little practice, who knows!"– Amazon Customer

Price: $33.44.


2. This non-pinching eyelash curler that will replace that cheap drugstore one you've been using.


Promising review: "I love this eyelash curler because it never pinches! I'm always in a rush doing my makeup and I don't have to worry about that with this curler. It only takes five seconds per eye for nicely curled lashes that last!"– YogaGirls

Price: $11.99.

3. This bagel guillotine slicer that will keep your fingers safe.

Promising review: "Bye bye unevenly cut bagels and hello perfectly sliced bagels that actually FIT in my toaster! I'm so glad I found this!"– ShihTzuMommy

Price: $7. Also available in red and black.

5. These cat-eye sunglasses that look hella expensive but won't break the bank.

Promising review: "Great sunglasses for the price! They are lightweight but yet cheap. Plus, they don't hurt when you wear them for a long period of time!"– Stephanie

Price: $5.89. Also available in gold, silver, black, and red.


6. This nested set of bowls and measuring cups that will give you all the functionality you need without taking up space.


The set also includes a sieve and a colander for straining.

Promising review: "I wish I bought this sooner! This set is super useful. I really like the compact design and the bold bright colours. They're also easy to wash and the inner coating seems to prevent food from sticking to the bowl."– htsandors

Price: $52.59.

7. This non-slip, super squishy bath kneeler that will save your knees from torture.

Promising review: "I know it is probably weird to be so excited for a bath kneeler but this thing is great! It's lightweight and small enough to not be in the way when it's not being used. We just hang it up! It has made bath time a little easier because now when the bath is over, I don't have to walk around for 10 minutes to stop my knees from feeling like they are going to explode. Get this and bath time will be a whale of a time! Sorry..."– K.R.

Price: $21.95.

9. These purifying bags that use bamboo charcoal to remove odors, bacteria, and moisture.

Promising review: "These really work! When I first got them, I took a good whiff of them and they smell like nothing at all. After a long 16 hour day of wearing leather shoes, my shoes smelled terrible. I put these in them and come morning, the foul smell was almost completely gone! And the bags themselves retained none of the awful smell! I just brought these on a 19 day European trip and they made a world of difference!"– Jonathan

Price: $12.95.


10. This headphone splitter that will let five different people plug into the same device.


Promising review: "I'm a teacher and purchased two of these for my class. They work great! The kids can easily attach them to an iPad and plug in their headphones. They love sharing books with their friends this way!"– Andrea Sekhon

Price: $14.47. Also available in several other colours.

11. This adorable pancake pan that is sure to put a smile on anyone's face.

Promising review: "Very nice design! The non-stick surface that makes clean up a breeze."– Violet

Price: $49.47.

13. This set of cute luggage tags that are seriously such a hoot.


Promising review: "You're never too old for owl luggage tags! I went on a ski trip to Colorado, and wanted some tags that would stand out on the baggage carousel. Loved these! They're great quality and show up bright against my luggage. My friends like them so much I had to loan two of them!"– Southern Shopper

Price: $25.10.


14. This pack of 80 chalkboard labels that are perfect for labeling mason jars, bins, and boxes.


Promising review: "A friend of mine told me about these clever little labels and I couldn't wait to get my hands on them. They make my baking supplies easier to identify and the pantry shelves look really nice! They're also reusable and come with a white chalk pen which can be wiped off once dry."– joanne

Price: $14.69.

15. And finally, this dough press set that will have you making homemade pies, empanadas, and dumplings in no time.

Promising review: "Great for empanadas! It works perfectly!"– Bene

Price: $12.99.