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21 Canadians Who Should Be Banned From Food Forever

Cadbury creme egg poutine.

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1. Kraft Dinner is a staple in every Canadian home. We've been making it since childbirth but it seems like some people will never get it right.

@jenalightyear / Via Twitter: @jenalightyear

2. Seriously. Did you even look while pouring the milk? Are you dead inside?

@anntoinettey_xo / Via Twitter: @anntoinettey_xo

3. OK. So maybe you're not the best chef. That's why why microwavable KD exists, right? It's impossible to fuck up.

@nicstoesz / Via Twitter: @nicstoesz

4. Canadians love their naniamo bars. There's no debating that. But this melted disaster? This is unacceptable.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: smiteme

5. And what about poutine? Our nation's sacred dish. Look at this pathetic frozen version and ask yourself: Is it even possible to get crispy fries and melted cheese at the same time?

@EditorSMB / Via Twitter: @EditorSMB

6. Shed a tear for this poutine that doesn't have gravy. It's a three-ingredient dish. This is unforgivable.

@Jessica422 / Via Twitter: @Jessica422

7. And pray for this monstrosity that is deep-fried Cabury creme egg poutine.


8. Go ahead. Ruin our reputation. Someone arrest the Canadian who served olives as a side dish alongside whatever the hell that is.

@joshbythesea / Via Twitter: @joshbythesea

9. Let's get back to the simple things. How could one possibly destroy the sanctity of a Tim Horton's bagel?

@iam_macri / Via Twitter: @iam_macri

10. Maybe it's by spreading peanut butter instead of cream cheese on a Montreal bagel....

@HungryKevin / Via Twitter: @HungryKevin

11. Imagine ordering a side of mashed potatoes and getting this.

@Kendog75 / Via Twitter: @Kendog75

12. We're pretty sure this a federal crime against Montreal smoked meat.

@scotteatspizza / Via Twitter: @scotteatspizza

13. C'mon now. Canadians don't deserve this. We never asked for this.

@oddcastcafe / Via Twitter: @oddcastcafe

14. Have you ever seen anything so heartbreaking as this disastrous doughnut?

@andreahillis / Via Twitter: @andreahillis

15. What about this incredibly sad attempt at "beavertails?" No sugar, no cinnamon, no hope.

@SavouryTooth / Via Twitter: @SavouryTooth

16. Stare at this homemade "donair" and weep for Canada.

@Nicole_Preston2 / Via Twitter: @Nicole_Preston2

17. And take a gander at this potato chip flavour without cringing. I dare you.

@swag_barn / Via Twitter: @swag_barn

18. Ketchup chips are one thing, but ketchup rice chips? Hell no.

@DavidCaplanNYC / Via Twitter: @DavidCaplanNYC

19. Our nation is famous for butter tarts, but do we really want to be famous for this atrocious mess?

@GavySwan / Via Twitter: @GavySwan

20. And yes, maple is a thing. But this shouldn't be.

@PaulHillierdesu / Via Twitter: @PaulHillierdesu

21. Please stop. We're begging you.

@lenslyfe_tv / Via Twitter: @lenslyfe_tv