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21 Pictures Of Celebrities Who "Disappeared Out Of Nowhere," And If I'm Being Honest, I Completely Forgot About 50% Of Them

"Gotye. Dude made a single song and just became somebody we used to know."

Reddit user u/drmaxtherabbit recently asked, "What celebrity disappeared out of nowhere?" and the responses have slapped me in the face with nostalgia.

Here are the top-voted celebrities:

1. "The musical group known as LMFAO."

The two members of LMFAO

2. "Mischa Barton. She was on The OC in the '00s, then nothing."

Close-up of Mischa

3. "Judge Reinhold. That dude was in pretty much everything once upon a time, and now you never see him in anything."

Close-up of Judge

4. "Enya. I hear she made a fortune and now lives in a castle somewhere. Iconic."

Close-up of Enya

5. "Erik Per Sullivan, aka Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle."

Close-up of Erik

6. "It will always be Thora Birch for me."

Close-up of Thora

7. "Mena Suvari. She was in the American Pie and American Beauty movies — also the 'Teenage Dirtbag' music video."

Close-up of Mena

8. "Richard Simmons."

Richard in a workout outfit

9. "Julia Stiles. She did all those movies in the mid-2000s and then gone."

Close-up of Julia

10. "Gotye. Dude made a single song and just became somebody we used to know."

Gotye with a geometrical image superimposed over his face and bare torso

11. "Leelee Sobieski. She was popular in the '90s and early 2000s."

Close-up of Leelee

12. "Jonathan Taylor Thomas. JTT! Where he at?"

JTT holding a small dog

13. "Eliza Dushku."

Close-up of Eliza

14. "Josh Hartnett. He used to be really big."

Close-up of Josh

15. "The band called Fun."

16. "What ever happened to Seann William Scott?!"

Close-up of Seann

17. "Jason Lee from My Name Is Earl."

Close-up of Jason

18. "Josh Hutcherson. He was such a sweetheart and heartthrob. I wish his face appeared more frequently in the industry."

Close-up of Josh in a hat

19. "Meg Ryan."

Close-up of Meg

20. Tom from Myspace.

Tom with Katy Perry

And finally...

21. "Lou Bega, who sang 'Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of…)'."

Screenshot from the video

Now it's your turn! Which celebrity has just disappeared from the radar? Comment below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.