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33 Utterly Amazing Candles You Need To Buy Immediately

Guys, it's lit.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their favorite candles of all time. Here are their heavenly and scented recommendations:

1. Sweater Weather by Bath & Body Works

2. Mark Twain Soy Candle from Paddywax's Library Collection

3. Sweet Spun Sugar by Target

4. French Bourbon Vanille by Voluspa

5. Volcano by Capri Blue

6. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles by Bath & Body Works

7. Warm Tobacco Pipe by DW Home

8. Crisp Apple by Ikea

9. Marshmallow Fireside by Bath & Body Works

10. Lavender Fields by Burt's Bees

11. Wizard's Pub by Anthology Candles

12. Macintosh Apple by Yankee Candle

13. Eternal Jasmine by DW Home Decoware

14. Mini Pumpkin Butter Candle by WoodWick Candles

"These are god's gift to the world. My favorite is pumpkin butter because it makes my whole house smell like fall five minutes after you light the candle. Also, all of their candles make a crackling sound like a real fireplace!" —Rebecca Riggs, Facebook

Price: $9.99

15. Pink Magnolia by Target

16. Midsummer's Night by Yankee Candle

17. Saijo Persimmon by Voluspa

18. Mahogany Teakwood by Bath & Body Works

19. Black Forest by Archipelago

20. Lemon Lavender by Yankee Candle

21. Sliced Watermelon by Gold Canyon

22. 'Tis the Season by Bath & Body Works

23. Hot Maple Toddy by The Candleberry Co.

24. Clean Cotton by Yankee Candles

25. Pink Sands by Yankee Candle

26. Cashmere Woods by Glade

27. Cinnamon, Ceylon & Copal by Vuluspa

28. Relax by Fragrant Jewels

29. Buttercream by Yankee Candle

30. Tickled Pink by BridgeWater Candles

31. Witches' Brew by Yankee Candle

32. Leaves by Bath & Body Works

33. And finally, the Skittles Boxed Cherry Candle by Skittles because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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