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Canadians: Tell Us A Winter Hack Everyone Should Know About

Because staying warm this winter is snow joke.

We out here. We out here and it cold out here.


Surviving winter is an impressive accomplishment. It's not easy. You've got ice, snow, slush and car issues.

seemoretitan / Via

Not to mention it's nearly impossible to dress cute and keep your socks dry.

visualizecomposeinfluence / Via visualizecomposeinfluence FOLLOW

So we need your help. Don’t turn a cold shoulder — share your borderline genius winter hacks with your fellow Canadians!

Salt stain removal tips?

meetalymisstree / Via

Warm clothing DIYs?

kali_vonkitten / Via

Car hacks?

mrgreenclean / Via

Whatever it is, we wanna hear it!

sandford_18 / Via

Tell us your secret winter hacks in the comments below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!