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This Trivia Test Will Separate The Canadians From The Americans

This quiz might be a little bit psychic.

  1. How much is this bill worth?

    Used Victoria
  2. What are these called?

  3. Who is this?

  4. Who is this?

  5. What's the name of this dessert?

    Kraft Canada
  6. What is this card?

    @StreetPharmacy / Twitter
  7. What's the name of this game?

    Greygum Software
  8. What coffee chain used to have this logo?

  9. What is this room called?

  10. What show did this guy host?

    Corus Entertainment
  11. What is this sauce called?

  12. What store was this card for?

  13. Where is this cookie from?

  14. What does this store sell?

  15. And finally, who left these peanut butter footprints?

    Concerned Children's Advertisers

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